Windows Phone Gaming Bootcamp

I’m doing the first presentation of my Windows Phone Gaming bootcamp today at the University of Houston. If you’d like you can download the labs and samples below.   Labs   Advanced Labs   Samples (demonstrated during the talks)


Advanced Windows Phone 7 Design Tips and Tricks

I’m doing my first delivery of the Advanced WP7 Design Tips and Tricks tonight for the D2Sig user group. If you came to hear me talk, thank you! You can download the deck and the samples from my SkyDrive here.


Windows Phone at Houston TechFest

I’ll be at Houston TechFest tomorrow talking about Windows Phone development with Silverlight and letting people get hands-on time with real devices. If you came to hear my talk, thank you!!! Please don’t forget about free support and getting your marketplace rebate though Microsoft Platform Ready. And feel free to download the deck and samples…

Getting Help – Microsoft Platform Ready

Did you know there are more than 4 million .Net developers worldwide? That number includes known Microsoft partners as well as millions of startups, students and hobbyists developing on Microsoft technologies every day. Training and supporting this many people is no easy task, but it’s something we’ve been doing for years through sites like MSDN…


Azure Scale

I just completed a cool ‘Scaling Azure’ video on Channel 9 with my friend Joseph Fultz (Dallas MTC) and our buddy Joshua Kurlinski from Symon. Check it out!

Awesome SketchFlow Book Available

Over this past last year I’ve had so many great discussions on SketchFlow, and what an amazing tool it can be for rapidly prototyping and developing ideas. Very recently a co-worker and friend of mine, Sara Summers, completed her book Dynamic Prototyping with SketchFlow in Expression Blend. Sara is a User Experience Evangelists and she…

Free Architect for Windows 7 (9/15 – 9/18)

Windows 7 is important to all of us in the PC ecosystem, and my team is striving to provide you with every resource we can to help you be confident supporting the platform. With that in mind, I’ve asked our Windows 7 specialist team fly into Dallas and be available 9/15 through 9/18. These architects…

Windows 7 Compatibility – We’re Here to Help

Did you know Windows 7 was released to manufacturing on July 22nd and is already available for download on MSDN and TechNet? Did you know computer manufacturers could begin shipping Windows 7 PCs as early as this month? Many large IT departments have been saving their upgrade budgets for Windows 7, and we want to…

Application Skinning in WPF and Silverlight

Over the past two years we’ve seen some incredible applications built on WPF and Silverlight. But application style doesn’t happen on its own, and many of the questions I’m asked these days are centered around application styling and custom controls. As our fiscal year comes to an end, and with Silverlight 3 and WPF 4…


Clean Prototyping with Compositions

By now you’ve hopefully seen SketchFlow and how it can help you conceptualize your projects before turning them into reality. If not, I highly recommend you check out the Mix ‘09 session Sketch Flow: From Concept to Production. One of the tasks common to prototyping and actual development is planning navigation between pages (or screens)….