Post-MIX Lap Around Azure Deck


Following the announcements last week at the MIX conference in Las Vegas, I have updated my Lap around Azure deck with some of the more important announcements that were made last week:

  • FastCGI allows developers to deploy and run web applications written with non-Microsoft programming languages such as PHP .
  • .NET Full Trust Removes limitations on .NET Libraries that require full trust (including .NET Services), , via a spawning process and p/invoke. .NET Full Trust also enables developers to invoke native code or legacy components.
  • Geolocation provides developers with the ability to specify a location for their applications and data. This capability enables developers to build responsive services with lower network latency and to meet location-based regulatory and legal requirements.
  • SQL Data Services - moving to a full relational database model and support of TDS 🙂
  • High-level roadmap and timelines for Azure.

  You can find the updated deck in my Skydrive folder here.

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