FREE! SQL Server 2008 {JumpStart} Training

Looking to get a head-start on ramping-up for SQL Server 2008? 


Well, here is a great jump-start site with lot's of great content (ppts, demos, HOLs, VPC's, etc.)

Here's the complete laundry list:

Overview Sessions
0. SQLServer08_ExecutiveUpdate.pptx  download
1. SQLServer08_DataPlatS+S_Final.pptx  download
2. SQLServer08_MissionCritical_Final.pptx  download
3. SQLServer08_Manageability_Final.pptx  download
4. SQLServer08_BusinessIntelligence_Final.pptx  download
5. SQLServer08_NextGenDataApps_Final.pptx  download
Database Infrastructure Track
DBIS Module 1 - Overview.pptx  download
DBIS Module 2 - Availability Enhancements.pptx  download
DBIS Module 3 - Security Enhancements.pptx  download
DBIS Module 4 - Policy-based Management and Multi-server Administration.pptx  download
DBIS Module 5 - Throttling and Troubleshooting.pptx  download
DBIS Module 6 - Features To Manage Part 1.pptx  download
DBIS Module 7 - Features To Manage Part 2.pptx  download
DBIS Module 8 - Scalability Enhancements.pptx  download
DBIS Module 9 - Query Optimizer Enhancements.pptx  download
DBIS Module 10 - Performance Studio.pptx  download
L01_SQL Server 2008 Using Policy-based Management.docx  download
L02_SQL Server 2008 Using Performance Studio.docx  download
L03_SQL Server 2008 Database Mirroring in Action.docx  download
L04_SQL Server 2008 Peer to Peer Replication.doc  download
Business Intelligence Track
Part1_01.Microsoft BI Strategy Overview.Presentation.pptx  download
Part1_02.IntroDimModelTechniques.Presentation.pptx  download
Part1_03.IntroToETL.Presentation.pptx  download
Part1_04.IntroToSSRS.Presentation.pptx  download
Part1_05.Publishing and Accessing Reports.Presentation.pptx  download
Part1_06.IntroToUDM.Presentation.pptx  download
Part1_07.AccessingUDM.Presentation.pptx  download
Part1_08.IntroToDataMining.Presentation.pptx  download
Part1_09.Building Dashboards.Presentation.pptx  download
Part2_01.Improving Integration.Presentation.pptx  download
Part2_02.More Flexible Richer Reports.Presentation.pptx  download
Part2_03.Using SSRS Management Tools.Presentation.pptx  download
Part2_04.Leveraging SSRS Programmability.Presentation.pptx  download
Part2_05.AcceleratingSSAS.Presentation.pptx  download
Part2_06.ManagingSSAS.Presentation.pptx  download
Part2_07.UnderstandingSSASQueries.Presentation.pptx  download
Part2_08.DataMining.Presentation.pptx  download
Part1_03.IntroToETL.LabGuide.docx  download
Part1_04.IntroToSSRS.LabGuide.docx  download
Part1_05.Publishing and Accessing Reports.LabGuide.docx  download
Part1_06.IntroToUDM.LabGuide.docx  download
Part1_08.IntroToDataMining.LabGuide.docx  download
Part2_01.ImprovingIntegration.Demo.docx  download
Part2_02.More Flexible Richer Reports.Demo.docx  download
Part2_03.Using SSRS Management Tools.Demo.docx  download
Part2_04.Leveraging SSRS Programmability.Demo.docx  download
Part2_05.AcceleratingSSAS.Demo.docx  download
Part2_06.ManagingSSAS.Demo.docx  download
Part2_07.UnderstandingSSASQueries.Demo.docx  download
Part2_08.DataMining.Demo.docx  download
Developer Track
01_Introduction.pptx  download
02_TSQL.pptx  download
03_Beyond Relational.pptx  download
04_ServiceBroker.pptx  download
05_SQLCLR.pptx  download
06_VisualStudio.pptx  download
07_ClientProgrammbility.pptx  download
08_EntityFramework.pptx  download
09_HTTPProgramming.pptx  download
10_OCS.pptx  download
L01_SpatialLabsInstructions.docx  download
L02_DatabaseClients.docx  download
Dev Track  download
Upgrade Track
00.OpeningAndWelcome.pptx  download
01.UpgradeTechnicalValueProposition.pptx  download
02.AnatomyOfAnUpgrade.pptx  download
03.UpgradeAdvisor.pptx  download
04.ApplicationCompatibilityTesting.pptx  download
05.PlanningYourUpgrade.pptx  download
06.HandsOnLab.docx  download
06.HOLManual.pptx  download
Video Clip 1-Man on Street_What Is-5MB.wmv  download
Video Clip 2-Soldering-5MB.wmv  download
Video Clip 3-Man on Street_Why Upgrade-5MB.wmv  download
Video Clip 4-Oscilloscope-5MB.wmv  download
Video Clip 5-Gruunfelter Company-5MB.wmv  download
All Overview Session  download
All Business Intelligence Track  download
All Database Infrastructure Track  download
All Developer Track  download
All Upgrade Track  download

SQL Server 2008 Demo

SQL Server 2008 Demo VPC - Release 2.part01.exe  download
SQL Server 2008 Demo VPC - Release 2.part02.rar  download
SQL Server 2008 Demo VPC - Release 2.part03.rar  download
SQL Server 2008 Demo VPC - Release 2.part04.rar  download
SQL Server 2008 Demo VPC - Release 2.part05.rar  download
SQL Server 2008 Demo VPC - Release 2.part06.rar  download
SQL Server 2008 Demo VPC - Release 2.part07.rar  download
SQL Server 2008 Presenter Script - Release 2.docx  download

Hands-On Lab VPCs and Lab Manuals
NOTE: There are TWO Hands-On Lab VPC and Lab Manual Collections:
COLLECTION 1: SQL Server 2008 HOLs which has 19 associated Lab Manuals, AND
COLLECTION 2: SQL2008AlwaysOnHOL which has 10 associated Lab Manuals and 1 Readme file

Collection 1: SQL Server 2008 HOLs VPC Image

SQL Server 2008 HOLs.part01.exe  download
SQL Server 2008 HOLs.part02.rar  download
SQL Server 2008 HOLs.part03.rar  download
SQL Server 2008 HOLs.part04.rar  download
SQL Server 2008 HOLs.part05.rar  download
SQL Server 2008 HOLs.part06.rar  download
Collection 1: SQL Server 2008 HOLs Lab Manuals
Data_Mining_withSS2008_HOL.doc  download
Delivering_SSAS_Capabilities_Through_MSOffice_HOL.doc  download
Partition_Processing_for_DW_HOL.doc  download
Plan_Freezing_HOL.doc  download
Resource_Governor_HOL.doc  download
Spatial_Data_and_VE_HOL.doc  download
Spatial_Data_HOL.doc  download
SQL_Server_2008_ChangeDataCapture_HOL.doc  download
SQL_Server_2008_DATETIME_Data_Type_HOL.doc  download
SQL_Server_2008_TableValuedParameters_HOL.doc  download
SQL_Server_2008_Using_Performance_Studio_HOL.docx  download
SQL_Server_2008_Using_Policy-based_Management.docx  download
SQL_Server_Compact_Building_Occasionally_Connected_SystemsHOL.docx  download
SSAS_Designing_Analysis_Services_Solutions_HOL.doc  download
SSAS_Managing_Analysis_Services_Solutions_HOL.doc  download
SSRS_Authoring_Reports_Using_Reporting_Services_HOL.docx  download
SSRS_Managing_the_Report_Services_Infrastructure_HOL.doc  download
Transparent_Data_Encryption_HOL.doc  download
What_Is_New_For_DBAs_in_SQL_Server_2008_HOL.doc  download

Collection 2: SQL2008AlwaysOnHOL VPC Image

SQL2008AlwaysOnHOL.part01.exe  download
SQL2008AlwaysOnHOL.part02.rar  download
SQL2008AlwaysOnHOL.part03.rar  download
SQL2008AlwaysOnHOL.part04.rar  download
SQL2008AlwaysOnHOL.part05.rar  download
SQL2008AlwaysOnHOL.part06.rar  download
Collection 2: SQL2008AlwaysOnHOL Lab Manuals
ReadMe1st.txt  download
Data Recovery Preventative Techniques.doc  download
Database Mirroring.doc  download
Database Snapshots.doc  download
Instant Initialization.doc  download
Online Operations.doc  download
Peer to Peer Replication.doc  download
Service Oriented Database Architecture.doc  download
Snapshot Isolation.doc  download
Table and Index Partitioning.doc  download
Transparent_Data_Encryption_HOL.doc  download

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  1. Mansour says:

    All links are dead. Any one can help? Thank you.

  2. Rob Cheal says:

    Get your act together Microsoft your maintenance of the SQL Server 2008 Jumpstart website and failure to maintain download links is very poor and is an inconvenience to customers and partners.

  3. Rob Cheal says:

    These links are out of date listed in September 2008 ouch!

    Go to and register, recover lost password, then login you then have access to about 35GB of material.

  4. Though I logged in with Windows Live credentials I could not able to see or download the material. Can some one point me any other alternative place to watch the content?

  5. Though I logged in with Windows Live credentials I could not able to see or download the material. Can some one point me any other alternative place to watch the content?

  6. iMan says:

    All your links are dead. Please close this page and don't publish it.

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