Dot Net Tiki Hut – Tampa 10/17/2007

Don't miss this very special session of the MSDN Jeff & Joe Road Show - we will have 2 very special guests, Dr. Popper (a.k.a Bill Reiss MVP) and Jim Zimmerman (MVP Rock Star of the ReMIX07Boston event) in the house to go deep and wide on Silverlight. 

Bill has just posted his port of the Farseer Physics engine to Silverlight 1.1 and it is now available on the Silverlight community web site at: - be sure to come armed with your advanced math/gaming questions...

And if you still haven't got an XBOX 360 or Halo 3 yet - we will be raffling off an XBOX 360 Elite at the end of the event!  

Here are the full details:

10/17/2007, Wednesday, Tampa, FL
hosted by Microsoft Corporation at 3000 Bayport Drive, Suite 480, Tampa, Florida 33607


*Special Agenda*
09:00-10:00 am - Expression Web
10:00-11:00 am - Silverlight 1.0
11:00-12:00 pm - Virtual Earth :: let's plot some of the world greatest beach bars using VE?
12:00-01:00 pm - Lunch
01:00-02:00 pm - Silverlight 1.1 .NET
02:00-02:15 pm - Break
02:15-03:15 pm - Build a dynamic database driven photo slideshow viewer with Silverlight - Jim Zimmerman, MVP
03:15-04:15 pm - Silverlight Games - Meet Dr. Popper! - Bill Reiss, MVP 
04:15-04:30 pm - Wrap-up & Raffle

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