Cutting “crashdump” support from the Visual Studio Debugger

Scott writes about the proposal to cut crashdump support.  Let him know what you think. Personally, I think we should be much more aggressive with culling features, as we also add new ones.  You end up with a cleaner product that is a better fit.


What I’m doing these days

Gee, this blog has been pretty quiet.  Why?  Could I have lost interest in the connection with all the C# developers in the world?  No! My responsibilities have drifted somewhat, to areas that make less sense to blog about. Dev Lead I’m the development lead for the C# editor, which means that my team creates…


Updated: jobs on the C# team

We continue to hire in to the C# team.  Here’s the list of currently open positions: If you’d like to talk about jobs in C#, but nothing in that list suits you, don’t let that stop you!  Drop me a mail & tell me what you’re interested in.  Maybe we can find a fit.


‘switch’ in C#

On Eric’s blog, a discussion about ‘switch’ statements in C# & why they require ‘break’ inspired this post. One of my favorite principles in the design of C# is that it forces you to be explicit when that removes confusion.  The best example is the way that the language doesn’t let you accidentally override a…


Come work on C#

I wanted to post a short note about all the different job opportunities available today in C#.  We have 3 areas of focus:    C# IDE (Refactoring, intellisense, etc.  –  what I work on)    C# Compiler (command line compiler + IDE integration)    Visual Studio Debugger (all languages, not just C#) And we have 3 disciplines (greatly…


Won’t Fix or Postponed?

In our bug database, when resolving a bug, you have to select a “Resolution”.  Obviously you can resolve as “Fixed”.  Other options include:         By Design   – this isn’t a bug, we meant it to work this way.         Not Repro  – you were mistaken, this bug doesn’t exist.         Postponed  – this is…


Separating out unit tests

This question came up on a customer chat today.  It’s probably interesting to a wider audience, so I’m posting it here.   I’m currently doing TDD with NUnit. With the upcoming testing tools in Whidbey, how do you see the separation of tests from production code taking place? I’m curious about how best to develop…


C# Editor at a conference?

Back in da day, I used to go to VC/VS themed conferences and talk about the debugger.  Even though I wasn’t a very good speaker, the talks were very well received.  Lots of technical content, tips for how to be more productive with the debugger. When I moved to the C# Editor, I didn’t know enough…


A Factory pattern

The idea popped in to my head, so I wrote it down.  I’m not sure what it’s good for, but here it is:       class C     {         private C() { }         public static class Factory         {             public static C New()             {                 return new C();             }        …


A blog break

Earlier I talked about the challenges of shipping software.  You want Whidbey, and we want to give it to you. To make that happen, we need to fix the remaining bugs & shut this product cycle down. We want to focus our attention on this work, so we’re trying to remove some of the other…