Screenshot of Select-GraphicalFilteredObject.ps1 in action

A picture would be helpful in understanding what this script does. dir $pshome | Select-GraphicalFilteredObject.ps1 -title “Jay’s blog is the best!” gives this UI: Select-GraphicalFilteredObject.png


Powshell GUI for selecting objects in a pipeline ("Select-GraphiphicalFilteredObject.ps1")

This is an enhanced version of a script from Lee Holmes’ book Windows PowerShell Cookbook (O’Reilly).  The original script takes a pipeline & presents a GUI that lets you select which elements to pass on to the next step in the pipeline.  That’s unchanged, but my enhanced script does a little more: Added ‘All’ and…


PowerShell polyglot

Here’s an example of a CMD script that is implemented in PowerShell. @@:: This prolog allows a PowerShell script to be embedded in a .CMD file. @@:: Any non-PowerShell content must be preceeded by “@@” @@setlocal @@set POWERSHELL_BAT_ARGS=%* @@if defined POWERSHELL_BAT_ARGS set POWERSHELL_BAT_ARGS=%POWERSHELL_BAT_ARGS:”=\”% @@PowerShell -Command Invoke-Expression $(‘$args=@(^&{$args} %POWERSHELL_BAT_ARGS%);’+[String]::Join(‘;’,$((Get-Content ‘%~f0’) -notmatch ‘^^@@’))) & goto :EOF If…


Controlling Virtual Server through Microsoft PowerShell

In his post by the same name, Ben describe a series of steps required in order to manipulate Virtual Server from PowerShell. I’m still a PowerShell novice, so I decided to use this problem as an opportunity to see if I could make things a little easier.  The reason it’s hard is that you have…


export environment variables from CMD to PowerShell

If you want to use PowerShell, but already have a CMD script that you want to keep, and that CMD script sets environment variables, you’re in a pickle.  Now I like pickles of all kinds, but Lee can help you get out of this one, with a script that exports the env. vars. back to…


Microsoft PowerShell is awesome

At work I’ve been playing with Windows PowerShell.  I could try to describe it, but Wikipedia has already done a better job: Windows PowerShell, previously Microsoft Shell or MSH (codenamed Monad) is an extensible command line interface (CLI) shell and scripting language product developed by Microsoft. The product is based on object-oriented programming and the…


Transition time

We’re at the point in the process for VS2005 where there is basically no work left for devs to do.  (The product hasn’t shipped yet, but devs are not busy.) Before starting the next product cycle, there are a few things that we’re doing differently.  One of them is “transition time”, a form of slack. …