Meet jbazuzi

Based on feedback I got in email & my post “What’s appropriate for this blog?”, I’ve decided to create a personal blog.  (I picked this host because google generally rocks, but I don’t actually have any opinions on this specific blog host.) It was a tough decision.  I want to thank you all for your…


What’s appropriate for this blog?

Concerning my post about funneling my $600 check from the U.S. government to Amnesty International, I’ve received quite a bit of feedback. Some of it is a response to my position on U.S. policy, like “Jay, you’re a dumbass. ” “The world is safer with Saddam out of power. ” “there are lots of people…


Bush supports Amnesty International

I’m pretty pissed off about a lot of things that I see my goverment doing right now.  For example, we claim to be fighting a “War on Terrorism”, but we’re missing a few important facts: The US is the #1 perpetrator of terrorism world-wide After Sept 11, the US took steps to increase suffering world-wide…


Across the sound

In the United States, today is Labor Day.  Now that I’m a manager, I don’t labor too hard, but I took the day off anyway.   We’d talked before about taking the little one on a ferry ride, but hadn’t done it yet.  Today seemed like the last good chance to do it before the…


Rope Boarding Mat

My mom just bought another house.  She keeps doing this.  Nurse by day, real-estate mogul by night/weekend.  I hope it works out for her. My brother & I were at the hardware store getting stuff to help her fix the place up, and found that they had spools of manila rope for sale.  Olde-tyme sailors…



While in PA, we visited two Frank Lloyd Wright homes.  The first was Fallingwater.  I didn’t go inside, instead spending the time roaming the grounds.  One of the neat things about the design is that it’s hard to see.  You can never really look at the whole house at once.  Each angle looks completely different,…


Losing it all

2 days before the trip to the Far East, I lost my wallet.  Looks like it fell out of the luggage on my bicycle on the way home.   That’s a tough time to lose a wallet, because I really wanted that stuff for the trip.  There was also a lot of cash, a lot…


Return from the Far East*

The weekend was spent in rural Pennsylvania, celebrating the wedding of a dear old friend from college.  Sunday was to be brunch + visit Kentuck Knob + drive to airport + go home.     We left the hotel late, got hung up waiting for the slowest sandwich we could find, dealt with snippy staff…


My blogroll

I don’t have a blogroll listed in the sidebar.  I read in SharpReader, and maintaining two lists seems tedious. So, I’ve saved an OPML file that you can import into your reader if you’re curious.  Be sure to use “Save Target As”.


Geek Nirvana

Yesterday I got it to work.  All of it, at the same time.  Even though I was outside, I was still connected.  Tablet PC -> USB -> Bluetooth dongle -> radio -> cell phone -> GPRS -> internet So, it’s not fast, but it does work. This morning I sat in the waiting room at…