Transition time

We’re at the point in the process for VS2005 where there is basically no work left for devs to do.  (The product hasn’t shipped yet, but devs are not busy.) Before starting the next product cycle, there are a few things that we’re doing differently.  One of them is “transition time”, a form of slack. …


Farewell, C# IDE

After a few years working on the C# IDE, I have moved to a new job.  I am now the development lead for the Visual Studio Debugger.  This was Andy’s job before he left to work on Windows Media stuff. This sounds like a bigger change than it is.  I have the same boss (Steve),…


Are we ready to ship VS?

There was an interesting Ladybug issue suggesting that we release a Beta 3 & slip VS 2005. This is a politically sensitive issue.  It has generated some press, so I want to be careful about what I say here. I’m very glad that Clint took the time to provide us this feedback, and want to…


Presenting at Shiproom

Today I got to present a bug in Developer Division shiproom.  I haven’t gotten to present since Beta 2, as ScottNo has being doing it for C# all this time.  He’s doing a fine job, but I get a real rush out of it.  I like the feeling of having all the answers lined up…


C# chats coming up

11 August: C# language.  25 August: C# IDE.  (This is what my team does) See the C# chat page for more info. I probably won’t be there, because my hands are full with Shiproom.


The new Shiproom

For Whdibey Beta 2, I took on a new responsibility, called the “shiproom” role.  There’s a couple different parts to it: – Along with reps from QA & PM, we consider every C# PU bug.  (PU=Product Unit.  The C# Product Unit is responsible for the Visual Studio Debugger, C# Editor, and C# Compiler). – Help…


Instant Messaging silliness

Kevin was working from his home on Mercer island this afternoon.  We were using Microsoft Office Communicator to talk about a bug.  This bug was particularly annoying: there were Watson reports indicating that it was getting hit at a lab at Microsoft, presumably while they were running automated tests.  But we couldn’t figure out what…


A simple Set collection

In a Microsoft internal discussion, someone asked for Set functionality in a collection.  I threw this together.  What do you think?  Useful or no?     using System.Collections.Generic;     using System.Diagnostics;       class Set<TItem>     {         Dictionary<TItem, bool> _list = new Dictionary<TItem, bool>();           public bool Contains(TItem item) { return _list.ContainsKey(item); }  …


Weekly P1 ZBB

We’ve started a new-to-us practice around here: The weekly P1 ZBB. Each bug in our bug database gets assigned a priority: 0 – drop everything and fix this, because people are completely blocked because of this. 1 – really important bug that we really need to fix, and preferably soon.  crashes/hangs/major functionality broken 2 -…


Performance of the C# editor

Beta 2 & go-live I hope you have had a chance to download Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 (“Whidbey”).  We worked very hard to get the quality of the Beta up, with the intent that you could use it to build real production applications that you deploy to your customers.  We call this “go-live”. If…