The new Shiproom

For Whdibey Beta 2, I took on a new responsibility, called the "shiproom" role.  There's a couple different parts to it:

- Along with reps from QA & PM, we consider every C# PU bug.  (PU=Product Unit.  The C# Product Unit is responsible for the Visual Studio Debugger, C# Editor, and C# Compiler).

- Help present those fixes to a Developer Division shiproom.  (DevDiv = all of Visual Studio & NDP).  Only if they approve will we check the fix in to the source tree.

I continue to play that role as we move to ship Whidbey RTM.  The PM was previously Shaykat, but is now Scott.  The QA was previously Kartik but is now John (neither have blogs, I'm afraid.)  As a result, I need to work to provide consistency between releases (Beta to RTM).

Both my new cohorts are different than the previous person in that role (duh) and bring unique value to the process.

It's time consuming, tedious, and often exciting (well, for me).  And I know that it's very important to helping us ship a great product.

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  1. 11 August: C# language. 

    25 August: C# IDE.  (This is what my team does)

    See the C# chat…

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