Instant Messaging silliness

Kevin was working from his home on Mercer island this afternoon.  We were using Microsoft Office Communicator to talk about a bug.  This bug was particularly annoying: there were Watson reports indicating that it was getting hit at a lab at Microsoft, presumably while they were running automated tests.  But we couldn't figure out what they were doing, or even who they were.

Late last week we managed to track down someone on the team running the tests, and about an hour ago they told us what they were doing when the crash happened.

I was chatting with Kevin about this bug, trying to make some guesses as to what was going on.  Then we had the following conversation:

Kevin Pilch-Bisson [6:50 PM]:

Redmond: We have a repro.

Kevin Pilch-Bisson [6:50 PM]:

<repro steps removed, sorry>

Jay Bazuzi [6:51 PM]:

Mercer Island: Say again? You have a repro?

Kevin Pilch-Bisson [6:51 PM]:

We have a repro.

Jay Bazuzi [6:51 PM]:

Mercer Island: Confirmed, you have a repro. Stand by.

Jay Bazuzi [6:51 PM]:

Hmm, I had a beer.

Kevin Pilch-Bisson [6:52 PM]:

Where did you have a beer?

Jay Bazuzi [6:52 PM]:

There was some catering in a conference room.

There's a good reason not to drink at work.

The repro has to do with running 'devenv /build'.  We're now able to reproduce the issue reliably.  I think it's a pretty bad bug, and I want to see it fixed in Whidbey.  That means going to Ask Mode to get permission to make a fix. 

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