Absolutely, positively, no Edit and Continue

See Soma's announcement.

VS 2005 supports Edit and Continue for C#. 

You asked for it, again and again.  So we did it.

It took a heroic effort by the developers, testers, and program managers in C# to make this happen. 


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  1. Smeghead says:

    meh, how about unbinding the actual IDE from the version of the .NET runtime targeted? ITs getting as crappy as Unreal Tournament 200x

    Visual Studio 2003

    Visual Studio 2004

    Visual Studio 2005

    Visual Studio with ham and cheese

    Visual Studio Skins pack

    WTF, Subscription by the back door?

  2. Ken says:

    Nice job guys!!!!!

    As for the unbinding idea…bad idea! Keep it as it is.

    Here is a better solution:

    1. Make sure the IDEs can co-exist.

    2. Make sure that when running an app out of the IDE the correct runtime is used. (applies mainly to ASP.Net, switching IIS manually or using a util is a pain, the IDE should switch it for you).

    3. Give developers who buy an IDE the ability to freely download previous versions if they don’t have a subscription. For example: you buy VS2005 Pro, you can download the previously released professional versions like VS2003 Pro. Ken.

  3. Sean Chase says:

    Jay, you guys are heroic indeed! Thanks for listening!


    AguyWhoIsAMortOnMondayEinsteinOnTuesdayElvisOnWednesdayAndCompletelyRandomTheRestOfTheWeek. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Jeff Atwood says:

    Well done.

    Although IMO prioritizing something so third-party friendly as "refactoring" over a core engine technology like "edit and continue" was always rather.. uh.. foolish.

    Anyway, all water under the bridge now!

  5. Marcus Stade says:

    Thank you SO much!

  6. Ulixes says:

    Great news, many kudos to your team and the nice idea of MS Feedback Center

  7. cellis says:

    how about adding the MY namespace from vb.net 2005 now?! please ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. cwillis says:

    Thanks!! I wanted to switch from VB to C#, but wasn’t because E&C was only in VB. Now I can. This actually changes my image of Microsoft. They do listen!

    Now…. no one is ever satisfied are they? How abouts getting E&C to work under ASP.NET? Web developers like to be productive too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. jaybaz [MS] says:

    cwillis: Wow, awesome! That’s exactly what we hoped. You asked for it, and we responded. The new MS. ๐Ÿ™‚

    We know that the majority of C# developers do at least some of their work on the web. So by not providing Web.NET E&C, we’re missing a big chunk of users. There are two reasons we didn’t do that in Whidbey:

    – Web scenarios are transient. GUI apps typically run for a long time, but web requests are short. So repeating the debugging session is more painful on client than web.

    – It’s hard. Much harder than E&C for client application. Remember that C# E&C was added very late in the cycle; we had to scale back the feature as much as possible to make it fit the schedule.

    Seem reasonable?

  10. cwillis says:

    Regarding E&C in ASP.NET: I just tried the beta Web Developer Express with ASP.NET 2, and it looks like E&C may not be as important as it would first seem. I changed a line in the code behind, saved the file, and refreshed the page, and the new code was executed. I then danced with joy. I didnโ€™t have to click stop! That is a frikkin miracle compared to what I endure numerous times each hour now with the around 90 second delay between clicking stop and getting back to where I was. So, if session state and all that other nice ASP stuff can be held in memory after a code change, and I donโ€™t have to click stop, I will surely be able to cope without E&C in ASP.NET. I will be happy.

    All the new stuff is looking very good — I am as excited about .NET again as I was when in first came out.

  11. I just saw over on JayBaz’s blog that we will have Edit and Continue in C#..  At first thought I…

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