Absolutely, positively, no Edit and Continue

See Soma’s announcement. VS 2005 supports Edit and Continue for C#.  You asked for it, again and again.  So we did it. It took a heroic effort by the developers, testers, and program managers in C# to make this happen.  Enjoy.


Uh-oh, it’s google

So now I have GMail, the Google Toolbar, the Google Deskbar, and the Google Desktop.  To search MSDN help, I use google. At home, all my computers use Google as their home page.  When I want to browse the web on my phone, I use Google Number Search. See a trend here?  I work for Microsoft.  I…


Google for MSDN help

When I want to look up an API in the .Net Frameworks, or read about some language construct, I look to MSDN as the repository of such information.  But MSDN search is painful, and Google rocks.  So I have this link as a shortcut in my browser: http://www.google.com/search?q=site%3Amsdn.microsoft.com Yeah, we should feel embarassed about this. …