Come work on C#

I wanted to post a short note about all the different job opportunities available today in C#. 

We have 3 areas of focus:

   C# IDE (Refactoring, intellisense, etc.  -  what I work on)

   C# Compiler (command line compiler + IDE integration)

   Visual Studio Debugger (all languages, not just C#)

And we have 3 disciplines (greatly simplified)

   Developer - write code

   Tester - verify features + report bugs

   Program Manager - communication/coordination + design

All positions are highly technical, and require someone who is able & motivated to everything it takes to satisfy our customers.  If you're the right fit for any of these positions, I guarantee that you'll have the time of your life.

(Internal link to jobs)

Comments (6)

  1. Jake Good says:

    🙂 Resume submitted!

    Microsoft can’t handle me!

  2. Dammit…I really wanna work on the C# team. Sucks that I haven’t graduated yet….but beware….i’ll definately be there in May. Lookout MS!!! 🙂

  3. I submitted mine as well.

  4. I ended up including a link to my blog in my submission. However, I failed to realize that my ip address had changed and my dynamic dns wasn’t working, which had the unfortunate effect of preventing anyone outside of my apartment from seing by blog. If you were trying to access it and you couldn’t, it should be working now.

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