C# Editor at a conference?

Back in da day, I used to go to VC/VS themed conferences and talk about the debugger.  Even though I wasn't a very good speaker, the talks were very well received.  Lots of technical content, tips for how to be more productive with the debugger.

When I moved to the C# Editor, I didn't know enough about it to share, but maybe I do now.

I'm looking for ideas about what you'd like to see in a C# Editor talk. 

I could just run through some interesting features and describe their behaviors in detail.  We could create some interesting expansions.  We could try a small programming exercise, using the various editor tools.  We could refactor the starter kit or some other code.

What would you like to see?

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  1. Kevin Dente says:

    How about sharing some of the "hidden gems" of the editor? Little known hotkeys, useful commands that don’t have hotkeys bound by default, new but not-obvious features in Whidbey, etc. Basically, those non-discoverable features that can really boost a developer’s productivity. For example, things like efficient keyboard navigation (I still encounter people who don’t know about the handy "last position" hotkey), code generation (keyword expansions, implementing interfaces, generating stubs), etc.

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