After a few years of working at Microsoft, I finally decided to spend some real money.  I bought a 2000 Triumph Sprint ST, with heated grips and hard bags.  A beautiful bike, great handling, plenty of storage.  I sent the zip-in liner of my jacket to Gerbing and they added heating elements.  All told, I was very comfortable in all weather.


I crashed it after 2 months, running wide on a downhill hairpin turn.  (It was marked 25mph, and we were doing ~50mph).  I had a little boo-boo on my left elbow.  The bike was so torn up that they said it was totaled.  But I wasn’t insured, so I paid a huge wad of cash to repair the important stuff. 


My wife was my passenger, and got some really bad sprains and bruises.  They didn’t heal well, and she needed a bunch of physical therapy.   Her left ankle still isn’t quite right today.  Doh.


I couldn’t get back on the bike without feeling nervous after that.  It was a huge cost, in dollars, time, hassle, pain, and emotions.  I was afraid of repeating the experience.  I was tense on the bike, and would panic & freeze up easily.  So, I pretty much stopped riding when I discovered that the bus route to work was very convenient. 


One of the few times I did ride it to work, I parked in the Motorcycle Only area, and it got bumped by a car & knocked over. The driver didn’t leave a note, and the $2,600 to fix all the plastic came to me.  The parts had to be shipped from the UK, so it was in the shop for 6 weeks.  Sheesh.


I used it once a week to get to Yoga classes last year, but didn’t really get into the riding.  On the way home from the last class, a bolt on the shift linkage fell out.  I pulled over, put the bike in 2nd gear, and rode home like that.  It’s been sitting in the carport ever since.

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