Time off

In a comment on the Perfect Software Project, 2 of Todd's items are:

- Training days. The company doesn't have to pay for it, but if I want to go to TechEd, don't make me take vacation to do it.

- Allow some playing around in your code. Every now and then I have to take a couple of days to write a game in DirectX, but this actually helps me be more productive in my normal work tasks, and I've never missed a deadline. So lay off me man!

I've been thinking a bit recently about how time away from normal work is an important part of being successful at work.  That's because it's an important part of being a healthy, balanced human being. 

Read also SustainablePace at IndustrialXP.

For the last decade of my life, I haven't done a good job of taking care of myself.  I've worked hard & played a lot of Everquest.  Now, my teeth, gums, back, belly, heart, lungs, butt, & legs are telling me I need to work on them.  I need sleep, floss, stretching, cycling, and yoga.  I need regular recreation that isn't like work, like sailing.

I need to do this without compromising my time with my family. 

There's only one way: work less hours.

The good news is that my work is getting better.  When I bicycle to work, I arrive full of energy that carries me through the day.  I delegate to my team more, which makes me a better manager.  When I know I won't be at work forever, I don't dilly-dally around. 

That reminds me.  It's time for me to get off the blog and back to the bugs.

Take care of yourself.

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