Clearest Code Challenge: Honorable Mention

Honorable mention to Thomas Eyde.  His submission uses a new class, so he gets points for trying to be OO.  I don't think this approach was fruitfull, though; the result is pretty complex to my eyes.

He’s also the only one who submitted legal code.  Every other submission had problems that a compiler would have a hard time with.

Here’s Thomas’s submission, pretty printed for your enjoyment:

using System.Windows.Forms;

using System.Drawing;


class C : Form


    Button _buttonOK;

    Button _buttonCancel;


    void F()


        int margin = 12;


        ControlMover okMover = new ControlMover(_buttonOK, this.ClientSize, margin);




        ControlMover cancelMover = new ControlMover(_buttonCancel, _buttonOK.Location, margin);





class ControlMover


    Control _control;

    int _margin;


    public ControlMover(Control c, Point location, int margin)


        _margin = margin;

        _control = c;

        _control.Location = location;



    public ControlMover(Control c, Size location, int margin)

: this (c, new Point(location), margin)




    public void MoveLeft(int delta)


        _control.Location = Offset(-delta - _margin, 0);



    Point Offset(int deltaX, int deltaY)


        Point location = _control.Location;

        location.Offset(deltaX, deltaY);

        return location;



    public void MoveLeft()





    public void MoveUp(int delta)


        _control.Location = Offset(0, -delta - _margin);



    public void MoveUp()





Does it work?  I’m not really sure.  I hoped that the clearest solution would be trivial to verify by inspection. 

It looks to me like it places the OK button in the bottom-right corner of the form, with the Cancel button to its left.  That’s not what I asked for, but it’s OK because:

·        It’s easy to see by inspection.

·        It’s probably easy to fix.

Those last bullets are indications that Thomas got something right.

Comments (1)

  1. Thomas Eyde says:

    Thank you for the kudos.

    I know the buttons are misplaced. I didn’t care to fix it when I discovered the mistake.

    Yes, the code works. I have never moved controls in code, so it took some investigation and trial and error.

    I would use a little more energy to make the code clearer if it were production code.

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