Welcome to jaybaz_MS blog.

Hey, welcome to my blog.  Every blogger has a first blog entry, and this is mine.  Some bloggers have a second blog entry, and I hope that includes me.  We'll see...

I work at Microsoft, as a developer on the Visual C# IDE team.  We do all kinds of cool stuff, like:

  • Autocomplete - hit '.' and a list of members comes up

  • Parameter help - write a method call and a tooltip shows you the parameters

  • colorization - keywords are blue, etc.

  • implement interface - write an interface name into the bases-and-interfaces specifcation of a type, hit TAB, and we stubs for methods in the interface

This is all in Visual Studio 2002.  But I'm much more exited about all the awesome stuff that we're working on for the next version of Visual Studio (codename: Whidbey).  I'll talk more about them in later entries. 

I like to hang out on IRC, in Undernet's #C#.  Drop by & say 'hi' sometime.


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  1. Jay Bazuzi @ Microsoft says:

    Thanks Vic.

    I assume by "marker interface" you mean an interface that interface that contains no members.

    The Implement Interface feature is under some flux for Whidbey, so I don’t know how it will appear in the final release. However, for the PDC prerelease, it seemed like a very minor issue, so we focused our efforts on other areas.

    How important do you feel it is to change this behavior?

  2. Rob Chartier says:

    Undernet sucks!

    Come over to the dark side (Efnet).

    #ms.net, #mscorlib, #asp


  3. Hi Jay,

    Welcome to the neighborhood.

    A quick question regarding ‘implement interface’: I’ve always wondered why when a class implements a marker interface you still show the tooltip offering stubs…? This is still true in Whidbey…


  4. Yes, thats what I meant by ‘marker’ interface (i.e. System.Web.UI.INamingContainer), its feel a little awkward to get the option to implement stubs for an interface without any members. Its definitively a minor/cosmetic thingy… but one that should be easy to fix, right? 😉

  5. bukit lawang says:

    here’s one for you:


    SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("MyProc", connection,

    wait for intellisense. 1 of 4 options. Click down, to view next option. Click down again.

    Boom! You missed!

    The second option is smaller than the first so it gets moved sideways.

    Great UI design….

  6. bukit lawang says:

    here’s another one.

    Try calling a method which has no overloads. There are two options here: either you are going to create a variable inline using new

    or use an existing variable.

    So why when I start typing new, doesn’t it fill in the object name?

    ANd why can’t it give me a list of variables that are possible parameters to the method?

  7. Jay Bazuzi says:

    Thanks for the feedback, bukit. We’re going to take a look at these two scenarios more closely. Hopefully something can be done.


  8. Dsha says:

    Hi Jay,

    why it is not possible to disable embedded syntax coloring in VS.NET?

    The problem is that there are third-party add-ins that do coloring on their own, so interference between embedded and their coloring looks somewhat ugly 😉

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