Obfuscating Xamarin Applications

I just wrote an article on how to obfuscate and protect Xamarin applications for Android and Windows Phone 8. Read the article here: http://nullskull.com/a/10477393/obfuscating-xamarin-applications.aspx


Barcode scanning for Xamarin apps

Xamarin barcode scanner application development using ZXing.Net.Mobile http://nullskull.com/a/10477346/barcode-scanning-for-xamarin-apps.aspx


Xamarin cross platform application consuming WCF – Part 2

Second part is right here. You can read first part here. The part 2 will demonstrate developing all three iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 applications consuming WCF. http://nullskull.com/a/10476786/xamarin-cross-platform-application-consuming-wcf–part-2.aspx    


Xamarin cross platform application consuming WCF – Part 1

 This time I tried Xamarin and developed cross platform application consuming WCF service. The first part of the article is here. http://nullskull.com/a/10476775/xamarin-cross-platform-application-consuming-wcf–part-1.aspx   I am planning for the second part tonight. Stay tuned.