Visual Studio 2013 XAML Editor Enhancements

    Read my article on Visual Studio 2013 XAML editor enhancements here.


XML manipulation using XPath and C#

Yet another article on about XML manipulation in C# using XPath.


Xamarin cross platform application consuming WCF – Part 2

Second part is right here. You can read first part here. The part 2 will demonstrate developing all three iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 applications consuming WCF.–part-2.aspx    


Xamarin cross platform application consuming WCF – Part 1

 This time I tried Xamarin and developed cross platform application consuming WCF service. The first part of the article is here.–part-1.aspx   I am planning for the second part tonight. Stay tuned.


SQLite in WPF with Entity Framework 6

I just wrote an article on nullskull that demonstrates developing WPF application using SQLite as database with Entity Framework 6 using code first approach.


WPF & .NET 4.5 new features – Part 1

I just wrote and article on Planning article series with simple code examples. You can read article at following link.–net-45-new-features–part-1.aspx  


Setting up for ASP.NET MVC 4 and Mobile Web Development

As I just started learning MVC 4 (in fact MVC bits), I thought to try MVC Mobile web with jQuery Mobile MVC framework for switchable template for mobile and normal desktop web. In my quest to setup this, I came across good resources and thought to summarize them all in this blog post that help…


My first book as a Contributor

Hi, I just managed to setup my first MSDN blog and associated it with my earlier Silverlight forum windows id. Have a look at my first book “Windows 8 MVVM Patterns Revealed” from Apress publication.