Links to New Platform Bits

This morning at TechEd New Orleans I had the opportunity to announce several new releases.  Here are a set of links to help you get started: AppFabric V1 RTM Windows Server AppFabric makes it easy to create long running services that combine the best of WCF and WF.  You can install AppFabric on Windows Server…


Sample: Windows Phone 7 Example Application with Landscape Layout

I’ve had a lot of fun writing Windows Phone 7 applications and for this post I wanted to share some notes and sample source code to help you get started as well.  The latest build of the Windows Phone 7 tools now support Visual Studio 2010 in addition to the free Express SKU.  You can…


Popfly Game Engine Source Code Released

Ben Anderson just released the source code for the Popfly Game Engine on codeplex.  You can read Ben’s full post here and download the source code here.  The project is a C# Silverlight application that demonstrates several concepts of XAML and .NET for RIA.


Tulsa Techfest 2007 Keynote Slides

This morning I gave the opening keynote for the Tulsa TECHFEST 2007 event.  There is great attendance at the event and 16 tracks!  As promised, I have made the slides available online for you to download: Slides are here I’ve blogged information on getting started with Silverlight here At the event about 40% of the…


Getting Started With Silverlight

I’ve had a number of queries on how to get started with Silverlight after my talk in NYC on Monday.  The best place to get going is the site.  There is a wealth of information up there including partner show cases, downloads for the software (runtime and tools), samples, etc. If you want to…


Slides from VSLive New York Keynote

This morning I presented the keynote on Silverlight at VSLive in New York.  As promised, here are some links related to the talk: Slides for the talk are here You can find everything you need to get started on Silverlight at, including bits, demos, sample code, etc You’ll find a lot of additional supporting…


Visiting Microsoft India Campus

I’ve spent this week visiting the Microsoft Campus in Hyderabad, India.  On Wednesday I had a chance to give a talk about the upcomming VS 2008 release and do an overview of Silverlight.  The VS2008 overview can be found here.  ScottGu did a great job pulling together a lot of our Mix material in one…


Code Sample: Is Your Process Using the Silverlight CLR?

In my previous post I described how multiple CLRs can now be run in the same process starting with Silverlight.  In the sample video I had a small console application that could be used to track managed processes on the machine and which version(s) of the CLR they had in them.  I’ve included the code…


Side by Side In Process CLRs Start with Silverlight

When we started working on managed code for Silverlight one scenario I wanted to see working was the ability to create a new browser or shell in managed code that could still browse to and execute rich web content.  We spent (endless) time debating if this scenario should simply target the desktop CLR if it…