New Team, New Challenges

Last week we officially launched VS2012 and the .NET Framework 4.5.  I’ve spent the last couple of weeks in launch activities in London, Seattle, Atlanta, and New York, sharing details on the new versions and doing whatever I can to help people get going on the new release.  I can honestly say this is the…


Distinguished T-Shirt Engineer Best Hits

One of the fun things I used to do while running the CLR team was help pick out the final design for our t-shirts (not that picking out code generation strategies wasn’t also fun).  Fortunately Sonja Keserovic on our team is a master at designing awesome shirts (while not doing her day job designing engines…


New Job, New Challenges

Today we announced that I will be moving from the .NET team to run Visual Studio.  I’m really excited about this!  The VS and .NET teams are sister teams under Soma which means I will continue to work very closely with ScottGu.  The products on my team include Mobile (VSD and NETCF), Phoenix, C++, C#,…


Speaking at the Oklahoma City Code Camp

I will be doing the opening talk at the OKC Code Camp this Saturday.  It looks like Raymond has a great agenda lined up with speakers talking about WPF, WCF, WF, Acropolis, and BizTalk.  I’m going to talk a bit more about our .NET Framework roadmap, differences between WPF and Silverlight, and go through some…


.NET Compact Framework Perf Improvements

My peer on the Compact Frameworks team Mike Zintel has an interesting post about new performance improvements in version 2.0.  I was at the product review and was very impressed by everything they’ve accomplished in V2.  Mike is also an accomplished photographer.  Make sure to check it out


March CTP of WinFX (Avalon, Indigo, .NET FX) now posted on MSDN

I’m back!  I was OOF for a bit after getting pretty sick coming back from Bucharest and Tel Aviv.  But I had to report that the March CTP was just posted today on MSDN.  This is the first combined drop of Avalon and Indigo targeting the same CLR, as well as the first version to…


Headed to Romania for recruiting

A small group of us (from the CLR, Visual C++, and Visual Studio Team Systems teams) will be headed to Romania Jan 21 through Jan 28 to do some campus and industry recruiting.  I’m planning to attend the .NET user group at the Bucharest Microsoft offices on Jan 24 at 6 pm.  The topic is…


Welcome Jim Hugunin as the newest member of the CLR!

I’m back from a long vacation and very pleased that Jim has accepted my offer to join the CLR team and continue his work on dynamic langauges!  I expect that he will be blogging about his work on the CLR team so you can track the progress we make on the goal.  It’s been great…


Intro Entry

Look mom Look mom, I have a blog! A little background on myself to kick this off:  I am the Product Unit Manager (PUM) of the CLR.  I’ve been with the project since it started with some prototyping around the C++ compiler and some OOP’d extensions (remember the ’98 PDC?).  I was the Development Manager…