My Favorite Features: Entity Framework Code First and ASP.NET Web API

It’s an exciting time for Entity Framework! Last Thursday, the team announced an open source release, which is now available on the Entity Framework CodePlex Site. I’ve been using Entity Framework quite a bit in my personal development, and thought I’d use this opportunity to continue my “Favorite Features” series with a post on EF….


My Favorite Features: Managing Projects with the Backlog, Sprint Planning and Taskboard Features in Team Foundation Server 11

In my earlier post on Continuous Value Delivery, I talked about the role that features like the backlog, sprint planning, and taskboard play in tracking requirements and managing the development process. In this post, I’ll dive deeper into what this all looks like in action. I’ve been using these features in my personal coding projects…


My Favorite Features: Creating Storyboards with PowerPoint

In my last post on Continuous Value Delivery, I talked the importance of communication between the customer and the engineering team to arrive at a clear project definition. How many times have you built exactly what was asked for, but not what was wanted? Agile teams need the right communication tools to eliminate waste at…


My Favorite Features: Unit Testing Enhancements in Visual Studio 11

I’ve been writing a set of posts on some of my favorite Visual Studio 11 features that I’m using in my personal development. In my last post, I talked about JavaScript tooling enhancements. In this post, I’d like to talk about the new unit testing features. Unit testing is an important step in the development…


Favorite VS2010 Features: Layer Validation

In my previous favorite features post I talked about doing architectural discovery with the new Dependency Graph feature of VS 2010 Ultimate Edition. Being able to understand what you already have with a project is really useful. Next on my list is Layer Validation, your logical next step for improving your architecture. Building a Layer…


Favorite VS2010 Features: Dependency Graphs and DGML

As we get closer to the launch of VS2010 I’m covering some of my favorite new feature areas for VS2010.  For this post I’m going to talk about Dependency Graphs and it’s underlying support, DGML. Generating Graphs At some point I’m sure you’ve joined a team (or inherited a code base) which you did not…