New Team, New Challenges

Last week we officially launched VS2012 and the .NET Framework 4.5.  I’ve spent the last couple of weeks in launch activities in London, Seattle, Atlanta, and New York, sharing details on the new versions and doing whatever I can to help people get going on the new release.  I can honestly say this is the best release I’ve worked on (and I’ve worked on basically all of them).  We have been able to use half the milestones and land with higher quality this release thanks to several internal improvements as well as the new toolset we just released (I will have to share some of those improvements in future posts; I’ve heard from many of you that you are trying to do similar things).
Now that we have shipped I will be taking on a new challenge owning development efforts for Windows Azure.  I’ll be joining my new peers Scott Guthrie (another DevDiv alumni) and Bharat Shah.  I’m looking forward to working with Scott and Bharat as well as taking on a new set of challenges and technologies.  Cloud computing is one of the most exciting technologies in the industry right now and I’m joining a great team working on cool stuff at global scale.
Wish me luck <g>

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  1. Fernando Carmo says:

    Hi man! I'm MSP from Brazil and I am enthusiastic about the Windows Azure =D

    Congratulations and much success in this new stage

  2. Good luck on your new challenge and thanks for the nice, shiny toys you provided us with 😉

  3. Mehdi Torkamani says:

    Good Luck Jason and us! I hope your new challenges lead to new stuff facilitate our day to days jobs and making them more and more funny. We all thank you!

  4. Jason Zander says:

    @Fernando, @Mehdi — thanks!

    @Rick, thanks and enjoy the toys 🙂

  5. David Peden says:

    Hey Jason, good luck on the new team.  Would really love to get some official word on getting .NET 4.5 supported in Azure.  Your customers have spoken:…/2598170-iis8-and-asp-net-4-5-support-in-azure-platform

  6. DoctorX says:

    Are you serious? This is the best release you have worked on? Apparently you didn't work on the user interface then.

  7. DoctorX says:

    @Rick van den Bosch: "Shiny" toys? You are not talking of the "innovative" user interface, aren't you?

  8. Good Luck, Jason. We can certainly expect innovative and killer development tools for Azure with such a great team involved. Can hardly wait.

  9. Sooryanarayan from Bengaluru says:

    I am Solution Architect from TATA Consultancy Services. It great to know that you are changing your role. I wish you good luck

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