Final Build for VS 2012 – Availability and Launch Dates Ahead

The final build of Visual Studio 2012 is now complete! The engineering team is finished and is now preparing the build for our numerous distribution channels.

I’d also like to congratulate the Windows 8 team for completing their important release to manufacturing today. You can read more from the Windows team on the  Building Windows 8 blog.

I’m looking forward to our next milestone when we make Visual Studio 2012 available for everyone to download from MSDN and elsewhere on August 15th. Watch my blog for the official release information.

Finally, I’d like to invite you to join Soma and me on September 12th as we officially launch Visual Studio 2012 via a live online event. For more information, please visit I hope you will tune in to learn more about all the new capabilities in VS 2012.

Exciting times ahead!


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  1. Cox, Ken says:

    Excellent news. After all VS2012 has been through, I'm surprised the UI bosses didn't require you to make the announcement in ALL CAPS and all gray text. <grin>

  2. Stephen says:

    .NET 4.5 looks great.

    But Developers need to be aware of what the consequences are of installing Visual Studio 2012 (as it requires .NET 4.5.)

    If you still plan to develop for .NET 4.0 then there are serious drawbacks that Microsoft is not advertising.

    .NET 4.5 assumes that the developer is happy to have .NET 4.0 bugs fixed when developing "Targeting .NET 4.0" (with .NET 4.5 installed).  

    This means that developers will not see .NET 4.0 bugs once they have .NET 4.5 installed.  But once you run on a machine that does not (or cannot) have .NET 4.5 installed on it, those bugs will be present again.  (Basically they are hidden while you debug but show up once you release.)  

    This happens no matter if you are "targeting" .NET 4.0, or even developing using Visual Studio 2010.  Once .NET 4.5 is installed the bugs are hidden from your debugger.

    However, if you don’t have any .NET 4.0 users, then .NET 4.5 is a safe upgrade.

    See here for more info:…/c05a8c02-de67-47a9-b4ed-fd8b622a7e4a

  3. Dave says:

    What's with the 15 day delay?

  4. Ian Walker says:

    Congrats to all the  VS Team.  Great Job!

  5. Danny Crone says:

    Truly awesome news, I love VS2012, well done to all the team 🙂

  6. Sinclair Levenda says:

    The ALL CAPS needs more BOLD IMHO…

  7. Francisco says:

    I know they aren't in the same space.. but still.. I'd have the live online event at a different date than the [rumored] iPhone 5 announcement event.. just saying.

  8. Bhuven says:

    Great work congratulations – looking forward to launch

  9. Hanterp says:

    Is it still possible to program in DirectX with VS 2012 in Windows 8?

    I have heard some rumours that the initial plan was not to allow DirectX, but that MS has second thoughts now…

    What is the current situation about it?

  10. Is pricing information available yet?  — including for upgrades from VS2010 professional?

  11. Andy Babiec says:

    Does this include TFS 2012?

  12. So Visual Studio 2012 and Windows 8 released to MSDN on the same day? My first thought is how slow MSDN could be. Any chance of using bittorrent to handle the load?

  13. Jason Zander says:

    Thanks for the congrats, the team did a great job on the release and appreciate your thoughts

    @Stephen — your point about doing version testing of software is a good one.  we try to maintain a very high compatibility bar but you should always test your target configurations.

    @Hanterp — yes, you can program with DirectX on Windows 8 in the new style. There are several examples posted online (…/search)

    @SammyD — you can find pricing information here:…/buy

    @cpmcgrath — I asked the same question of the MSDN team a month back and they shared with me all of their load testig plans which should definitely do the job.  they'll be monitoring the network very closely, we want to make sure everyone gets the bits

  14. Jason Zander says:

    @Dave — the 15 days is a normal part of the lock down process (it's always been there).  Historically we haven't published this internal date but we did this time to stay in sync with Windows.

    @Andy — yes.  This date includes VS2012, TFS, .NET Framework 4.5, etc.  The only things that aren't "in the box" are other platforms that are on a different schedule (including the next versions of Office and Windows Phone).  When those platforms are ready, you will be able to download and install the tools right into your VS2012 installation.

  15. xpclient says:

    Any news when it will land on DreamSpark?

  16. Hanterp says:

    @ Jason Zander:

    You wrote:

    <i>@Hanterp — yes, you can program with DirectX on Windows 8 in the new style. There are several examples posted online (…/search),<i>

    Thanks for answering, but the links directed to code for metro-style DirectX and I was curious if you could write code using .NET DirectX WITHOUT metro, so just ordinary code like in my windows XP.

    Please can you answer this?

  17. al says:

    Congratulations to all devs, testers and pm for this impressive delivery.

    I have a question regarding the MSDN Subscription download. Our company gives to each of us the MSDN Subscription and we are thinking if is it possible to download just once and then install it on each employee machine perhaps inserting our own key.

    Is this possible/legal for both VS2012 and Win8 or each of us needs to do his own donwload?

  18. Jason Zander says:

    @xpclient — our intent is to have bits for all of the Spark programs at the same time as MSDN availability.

    @al — The gory details on licensing can be found here:…/licensing. We license per user and each licensed user (aka MSDN subscriber) can install and use the software on any number of machines for dev/test.  Product keys are provisioned per user but they are simply a way of activating the software or ensuring it’s genuine, the keys themselves are not licenses to use the software.

  19. Ermine Todd says:

    VSLive Redmond is going on the week of Aug 6 – Aug 9.  Any chance that those attending can expect a chance to get this prior to the end of the week?

  20. semi says:

    @jason zander

    please give one approach about MS XNA 5.

    we are awaiting.

    Direct X Or XNA ?

    Whether that is the question !

  21. Weidong says:

    Great! When will the Visual Studio 2012 SDK be released? Thanks.

  22. Anthony Cangialosi MSFT says:

    @Weidong; The Visual Studio 2012 SDK will release together with Visual Studio 2012.  Both will be available for download on MSDN and then the Microsoft Download Center (

  23. Sam D says:

    Will TFS 2012 finally have the team project rename feature?

  24. NDC says:

    FYI as of now I got yellow screen of death from

  25. RobCaron says:

    @NDC – We're working to resolve an intermittent issue. Please try again.

  26. Jyo Reddy says:

    I'm waiting for the day….  today is Aug 15th. Best hoping to get VS 2012 from MSDN

  27. Charles says:

    August 15th,  Visual Studio 2012 is not available as of yet for msdn or technet.  Any idea when it will be ready for download ?

  28. Chris Moore says:

    Excellent news, but today is the 15th and I do not see it available – what time is it going up?  It's 10:30am central time now.

  29. Chris Moore says:

    Ok folks I just had a brain fart – it's 10:00am PACIFIC, NOT CENTRAL! 🙂

    An hour and ten minutes to go!!! I am excited.

  30. Charles says:

    It is in MSDN now, downloading fast.

  31. Chris Moore says:

    Any word when this will be coming to the dreamspark site?

  32. @ Charles – Jason just announced RTW this morning!…/visual-studio-2012-and-net-framework-4-5-released-to-the-web.aspx


    Lisa Feigenbaum

    Visual Studio Community Program Manager

  33. Neil Carter says:

    Hello –

    Thank you for reaching out to us regarding DreamSpark's availability of Visual Studio 2012.  This is an incredibly exciting release for us.

    If you are a student and your school or institution has a DreamSpark Subscription, the Program Administrator for your DreamSpark Subscription will have access to Visual Studio 2012 today through MSDN Subscriber Downloads (…/downloads).  

    For students with accounts on, or with student accounts in their school or institution's ELMS WebStore we are working as quickly as possible to make this available and have a release target of August 24th.

    Thank you!

    Neil Carter

    DreamSpark Global Program Manager

  34. angrycoder says:

    What the hell you guys were thinking when come up with theme and menu. I will not work on VS 2012. Code window is most depressing I every seen. I do not want to spend my entire day looking at this crap. I will not go to Win 8 either. Why are you making us to enter key on express?

  35. Bill says:

    I'm looking at all the positive feedback without seeing any real arguments.

    Anyways, I hate what you did to Visual Studio 2012 and I will not strain my eyes just to make your operating system worth buying. And I am sure lots of either people thing alike.

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