June 4th What’s Happening Around Visual Studio

It’s been a busy week since the RC announcements for Visual Studio 2012, .NET Framework 4.5, and Team Foundation Server 2012.

RC Announcements

In my last post I provided an overview of the latest enhancements across the product. Here’s a rollup of the announcement posts across the team, so that you can explore additional deep dives into the various areas.

Developer Tools News Feed

You can also view these real-time in the news feed on the new Developer Tools blog network:


.NET Framework 4.5 Compatibility

I wanted to share a few notes about .NET Framework 4.5 RC, as you set out to evaluate the latest releases. .NET Framework 4.5 RC is part of Windows 8 Release Preview. It is also available as a standalone download for Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 operating systems.

.NET 4.5 is an in-place update to .NET 4, with same underlying CLR version. This means that once .NET 4.5 is installed on a computer, all .NET 4 apps run automatically on .NET 4.5. We’ve put in a lot of effort to ensure compatibility of .NET 4 apps on .NET4.5 runtime by testing hundreds of apps in our compatibility lab and partnering with our top customers. We’d also like to ask you to test your .NET 4 apps with .NET Framework 4.5 RC and report any issues by using the Visual Studio Feedback Tool or emailing netfx45compat@microsoft.com.

Comments (6)
  1. RC VM? says:

    Any plans for a RC VM?

  2. Brian Keller says:

    Yes, an RC VM is in the works.

    – Brian Keller

  3. Samuel Jack says:

    Can you explain why .Net 4.5 is not being made available for Windows XP?

  4. Joseph says:

    I just noticed that even this blog has those fuzzy dark gray icons (Menu section on the right).  What's sad is Microsoft has always had top-notch icons.  I guess their "design goal" for Win 8 and Studio 2012 is "bland, washed-out, and fuzzy".

  5. Stephen says:

    The bugs that are "Fixed" are what have me worried.

    This is the "Target .NET 4.0" compatibility scenario that has me most concerned:


    A WPF developer creates an application using the new Visual Studio 2012 (which requires .NET 4.5). The developer targets the application to .NET 4.0 (because his company still has a lot of Windows XP machines).

    During development an ObservableCollection is bound, grouped and sorted. The developer does not realize that this causes a severe bug in .NET 4.0. And since since .NET 4.5 is installed on his development machine, this bug will not show up during his debugging.

    When the application is released, it will fail when run on a Windows XP machine (because Windows XP cannot run .NET 4.5).


    Is there any plan to ensure this kind of compatibility?  There are many such bugs.  And a lot of them will not be found any way but by debugging or by the harsh use of a Production User.

    Note: This is the documentation on that bug I mentioned in my example:


    Note II: This is the post where I first asked about this issue:


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