Welcome to the new blog design

Redesigning our blogs reminded me of painting the walls at home. It’s one of those things you never have the time to get around to, but are happy when you finally do!


Here’s a picture of my old blog theme, as a reminder:


We updated the design for a number of the developer tools blogs, and also created a network tying them together. (You can learn more about the new blog network on the Visual Studio team blog.) Beyond updating the style, there were a few things we wanted to do with the redesign. Of course we wanted to make it easy to read, comment on, and subscribe to posts. We also wanted to make it easy to share and discuss the posts with others, by adding social media buttons. Finally, we wanted to provide additional ways to connect with us, by including video and Twitter feeds.

I hope you enjoy this refresh, and the additional integration. I’m looking forward to continuing many more conversations here in the future.


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Comments (8)
  1. Dare I hope that commenting actually works reliably now?

  2. BenHayat says:

    When are we going to see the new design? 🙂

  3. Jack says:

    The set of tabs at the top really is a plus.

    Missing blogs:

    Blaine Wastell – patterns & practices client architecture guidance – Site Home – MSDN Blogs blogs.msdn.com/…/blaine

    .NET Security Blog


  4. Improve says:

    I like the design but the commenting system does need some updats like ordering and a choice about the number of posts you want to see (10, 20, 50, 100, all). Just let http://disqus.com/ inspire you.

    Additionally some links like PageIndex etc. are hard to hit. Maybe put a little metro tile around it.

  5. erix says:

    Swiss METRO design approved!

  6. Mike says:

    Let's hope you are going to start taking comments a bit more seriously

  7. FZB says:

    looks good to me, i like "clean" layouts

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