Find out what’s in store for the Visual Studio 11 UI in the RC release

After announcing the Visual Studio 11 Beta developer experience, we received considerable feedback on the UI. I want to thank you for all the comments you provided on this topic, and for taking the time to evaluate the beta release. At this point in the product cycle, we’ve been reviewing all of the beta feedback, and working on product updates for RC. Today we’re excited to share what these updates will look like for the UI. I encourage you to read more on the Visual Studio blog, where we’ve summarized the feedback we received on the beta, and showed the UI changes we have in store for RC.

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  1. Michiel says:

    Hi Jason,

    I originally created the suggestion on the UserVoice website to "add some color to VS 11 beta". It quickly became the most-voted on idea, it now has well over 7500 votes from at least 2000 users, and almost 500 comments. I'm happy that so many people decided to vote, that so many people left constructive comments, and that the suggestion was flagged [under review] relatively quickly.

    Having said that, it remains to be seen if this is improvement enough. But I think you have left all of us wondering: why this experiment in a public beta? I hope you will take some time to share with us _how_ this all happened.

  2. Matt Smith says:


    [qoute]why this experiment in a public beta?[/qoute]

    I'd imagine it's the perfect time to test a change such as this.  Based on the reponses, it seems very clear that Microsoft have reponded to users concerns.  Certainly better to do it now rather than just release it and not be able to respond.  

  3. Jens says:

    Now we have All Caps in the menu bar for God's sake …

    First you guys go like 1km in the wrong direction, and after so much protest you retreat 750m and call that 'responding to user concerns', hoping that everybody will forget that you still moved 250m in the wrong direction.  You guys now finally are like politicians.

    By the way, I am only talking about the UI of VS.

  4. Taking away the great look of VS-2010 for the sake of being trendy, and forcing the vast majority who like the rich colors of VS 2010 to use a bland tool….just garbage.  No thanks.

  5. @Michiel, no offense at all, but if you can't tell by now that this all about pushing developers to create a metro-looking app, then I really do feel sorry for you.  It's very obvious that this has nothing to do with usability studies or making you more productive, but has everything to do with trying to make Windows 8 and the whole "app" idea a success.

  6. jvanrhyn says:

    The changes to the UI in the RC release looks great and I personally can't wait to start using it. Since it's release I have been using VS11 Beta exclusively and I found the performance to be really great. Personally I like the new look.

  7. Judah Gabriel Himango says:

    The look is an improvement over the beta. I'm not sure the look is better than VS2010, however, the tool is much faster than 2010. Overall, looking forward to this next release. Glad you guys responded to the feedback.

  8. Titus says:

    Is Visual Studio becoming a consumer product? It need not become trendy with the UI… but needs to help developers become productive. It is not a toy for developers where you want to change the colors, change the look and feel, etc. What is more important is the functionality. Instead of spending this much effort in changing the UI, going back and forth, if you can spend all those effort improving the performance and adding more developer productivity features, it would be great!

    Thanks for the nice work in adding more functionality to VS!

  9. Jorge Montaño says:

    Looks great, can't wait to try it, when it will available RC?, will be available to developers?



  10. The UI improvements are a step in the right direction, but I still don't think "you" get it. For some reason Human Factors (HF) consultants like gray, and ignore the fact that working 8+ hours a day, day on day, looking at gray on gray, hurts. This is why I really liked the VS2010 interface.

    The UI improvements are an important step back to workplace reality, but now you have changed the system menu from mixed font to uppercase only? It makes no sense to me, (I don't need the screen to shout back at me) and begins to feel almost like an HF consultant taking revenge for the introduction of sanity saving colour.

    Its a shame there is no Beta service pack to trial these UI changes, but then it would probably only give that HF consultant a chance to throw another surprise.

    I like the Visual Studio product line, but having recently been given a demo of the latest Eclipse Indigo IDE, I am left wondering why the Eclipse IDE is so visually attractive whilst VS11 has suddenly become so bland beyond the smart splash screens.

  11. Luk says:

    VS10 UI is great, please make an option to use it in VS11.

  12. Alex says:

    Get rid of the caps in the menu bars. It makes VS look like a 13yr old AOL user shouting at its users, and most people will ignore it in the same manner.  Bring some intelligence back to the UI and go back to proper-casing.

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