April 27th What’s Happening Around Visual Studio

Here’s a quick recap of what’s happening around the team.

The “Await” is Over: Async Targeting Pack for Visual Studio 11 now available with .NET Framework 4.0 and Silverlight 5 support

One of the requests we received after shipping Visual Studio 11 Beta (which I discussed in my Frequently Asked Questions post) was async support for projects targeting .NET Framework 4.0 or Silverlight 5. Unfortunately there was a breaking change that caused this to stop working in the Visual Studio 11 Beta. However, yesterday we released an Async Targeting Pack for Visual Studio 11 which fixes this issue. If you’re using Visual Studio 11 Beta and developing a project which targets .NET Framework 4.0 or Silverlight 5, I recommend installing the targeting pack. You can also view the release notes here. Please note that this targeting pack is not required for projects targeting .NET Framework 4.5 or .NET for Metro style apps (just .NET Framework 4.0 or Silverlight 5).

Spring Reading List: March & April Blog Roll

I’ve put together a rollup with some of the top blogs around the team from the past month or two. I hope you’ll find a few that interest you and dive in! Here’s a list of posts on Visual Studio 11:

-         Async in .NET 4.5

-         .NET Versioning and Multi-Targeting - .NET 4.5 is an in-place upgrade to .NET 4.0

-         F# IntelliSense Improvements in Visual Studio 11 Beta

-         Round-tripping with Visual Studio 11

-         XAML authoring in Blend and VS: Workflow, Tools, and Tasks

-         LightSwitch Architecture: OData

-         Tips on Upgrading Your LightSwitch Applications to Visual Studio 11 Beta

-         SharePoint Developer Tools in Visual Studio 11 Beta – Part III: Tips and Tricks in SharePoint List Designer

-         Automatic requirement traceability with Exploratory Testing

-         Branching Guide BETA release

We also published quite a few posts on Metro style app development. If you’re developing a Metro style app for Windows 8, these are for you!

-         .NET for Metro style apps

-         Keeping apps fast and fluid with asynchrony in the Windows Runtime

-         Diving deep with WinRT and await

-         How to improve performance in your Metro style app

-         Tackling performance killers: Common performance problems with Metro style apps

-         Managing app lifecycle so your apps feel "always alive"

-         Creating a great tile experience (part 1)

-         Deploying Metro style apps to businesses

-         Build apps with the experts at Windows 8 Dev Camps

Channel9 videos are another good resource to check out, especially the Visual Studio Toolbox series.

Calling all Testers: STAREAST Videos Online

Last week, we participated in a conference for testers called STAREAST. Nearly 1,000 testers from around the world came to learn about the latest testing tools, technologies, and solutions. We delivered two sessions, which are available on-demand on the conference website until July 19, 2012. You can access them for free by registering here. Here are the sessions:

-         “Continuous Quality Enablement with Microsoft Visual Studio”, by Matt Nunn (Microsoft)

-         “7 Things You Don't Know About Visual Studio for Testers”, by Charles Sterling (Microsoft) & Theresa Lanowitz (voke, inc.)

Testers are an important part of our engineering teams here at Microsoft, and a key audience for our software tools. In each Visual Studio release we’ve added tooling for more roles in the engineering team, helping everyone work together better. For testers using Visual Studio 2010, we added Microsoft Test Manager, coded UI tests, and manual test recording. In Visual Studio 11, we further expanded our support for testers with exploratory testing, and enhancements to Microsoft Test Manager and Lab Management such as support for Metro style applications. Together, these features enable the team to better ensure quality throughout the software lifecycle.

I encourage you to check out the sessions to learn more and see these features in action.



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    We are nervously waiting for some sort of confirmation from MS that this will be rolled back or made optional. All recent blog posts seems to skirt around this "elephant in the room".

  3. Simon says:

    UI issue?

    If it follows bharry's screenshot of the sign-in screen for the TFSPreview then I'll be happier at least, that looks like it could be colorful with good contrast…  But hopefully the icons are back, and stuff isn't all caps.

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