March 21st What’s Happening Around Visual Studio

It’s been a busy month since releasing the beta of Visual Studio 11 and .NET Framework 4.5! I’ve included a roll-up here, so that you can check out the Microsoft blogs with deep dives into different parts of the beta product:


Application Lifecycle Management:

Visual Studio 11 Application Lifecycle Management Virtual Machine and Hands-on-Labs / Demo Scripts

Welcome to Visual Studio 11 ALM Rangers Readiness Beta “Wave”

Update Your Agile Team Project to Support Additional Functionality After You Upgrade from TFS 2010 to TFS11 Beta

Running IntelliTrace on Applications in Production



What's new for Microsoft Test Manager in Visual Studio 11 Beta

Getting Started with Exploratory Testing

Visual Studio 11 Beta - What is new in Coded UI Tests?

What's New in Visual Studio 11 Beta Unit Testing

What’s new for MSTest unit tests in Visual Studio 11 Beta

Visual Studio 11 Beta: Manual Testing of Windows Metro Style Apps



Visual Studio 11 Beta Performance Part #1: Overview & Virtual Memory Usage

Visual Studio 11 Beta Performance Part #2: Solution Load Time

Visual Studio 11 Beta Performance Part #3: Debugging

Improving Launch Performance for Your Desktop Applications


Setup & Install:

Announcing Visual Studio 11 Beta

Why Visual Studio 11 Requires Space on the System Drive



Introducing the New Developer Experience

Introducing the New Developer Experience, Part #2

What’s New in Code Analysis for Visual Studio 11

What's new in Visual Studio 11 Dependency Graphs



Introducing .NET Framework 4.5 Beta

What’s New for Parallelism in .NET 4.5 Beta

Introducing MEF Lightweight Composition and an Updated Composition Provider for ASP.NET MVC

MSDN: What's New in WPF Version 4.5 Beta

Optimizing the .NET Framework Deployment Experience for Users and Developers



C#: Visual Studio 11 Beta Is Here!

Visual Basic 11 Beta Available for Download!



What's New in Visual Studio 11 Beta for C++ Developers

What’s up with MFC in Visual Studio 2011 Beta

MSDN Magazine: New Standard Concurrency Features in Visual C++ 11



Introducing Visual F# 3.0 Beta!

C9 Lectures: Donna Malayeri - F# 3.0 - Information Rich Programming



Announcing LightSwitch in Visual Studio 11 Beta!

Enhance Your LightSwitch Applications with OData

Creating and Consuming LightSwitch OData Services

MSDN Magazine: Consume a LightSwitch OData Service from a Windows Phone application

Using LightSwitch OData Services in a Windows 8 Metro Style Application

LightSwitch Community & Content Rollup–February 2012

LightSwitch Extensibility Toolkit for Visual Studio 11 Beta Released

LightSwitch Cosmopolitan Shell and Theme for VS 11 Beta



What’s New in SharePoint Developer Tools for Visual Studio 11 Beta


Web Development:

Scott Hanselman: Visual Studio 11 Beta in Context

New Features for Web Development in Visual Studio 11 Beta

New time saving features for Web projects in Visual Studio 11 Beta

Visual Studio 11 Beta Page Inspector Tutorial live in

Visual Studio 11 Beta Razor editor issue workaround

Visual Studio 11 Beta HTML/CSS editor features

VS11 Beta JavaScript Feature comparison with VS2010 SP1


Windows 8 Platform:

Welcome to Windows 8 – The Consumer Preview

Running the Consumer Preview: system recommendations

Going behind the scenes building Windows 8

Web browsing in Windows 8 Consumer Preview with IE10


Windows 8 Development:

Welcome to the Windows 8 app developer blog

What’s changed for app developers since //build/ (part 1)

What’s changed for app developers since //build/ (part 2)

Migrating your apps from Developer Preview to Consumer Preview

Bring single sign-on and SkyDrive to your Windows 8 apps with the Live SDK

Combining XAML and DirectX


Windows Store:

Submitting your Windows 8 apps

Introducing the winners of the First Apps Contest

Licensing apps



Insider’s view: Authoring XAML-based Metro style apps in Blend Beta

Blend’s Data Binding dialog: new features and UX refresh

Known Issue: XAML Designer in Visual Studio 11 Beta Crashes on Launch

Build HTML Metro style apps with Blend for Visual Studio 11 Beta

Visual Authoring for the Windows 8 Consumer Preview with Blend and Visual Studio

Blend Beta Known Issue: Menus do not render correctly when Windows 8 Basic theme is applied



The beta is an opportunity for us to get your feedback on Visual Studio 11 and .NET Framework 4.5 as we prepare to ship the final version. We really appreciate all the input that everyone has provided so far. We’ve been listening and reading all the responses that have come through on our feedback channels:

We also made a beta survey available today, where you can leave comments about your experience using the product.


Other Microsoft Releases:

In addition, here are a few other recent Microsoft releases to be aware of from the past month or so:


Update to .NET Framework 4:

Update 4.0.3 for the Microsoft .NET Framework 4


MVC 4 Beta Release on Feb 16, 2012:

Jon Galloway: ASP.NET MVC 4 Beta Released!

ScottGu: ASP.NET MVC 4 Beta

ScottGu: ASP.NET Web API (Part 1)


SQL Server 2012 Release on Mar 6, 2012:

Ted Kummert: The Data Explosion – Making Sense of it All

Microsoft Releases SQL Server 2012, Drives Advancements in Big Data


Team Foundation Server Licensing Changes:

In other news, this month we made it easier to get Team Foundation Server, by making Team Explorer Everywhere available free of charge, for users with a TFS CAL. We also made Team Foundation Server accessible to a wider group of participants by making TFS reports and the Operations Manager console available to all users, without requiring purchase of a TFS CAL. More details on these changes are available on Brian Harry’s blog.



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Comments (8)
  1. Tommy Sundling says:

    Great compilation of great content. Thanks Jason!

  2. Is developement for standard windows client app (WPF) dead? There's not much about it, there is not even one link in your list. Did microsoft forget about

  3. Jason Zander says:

    @123Msz321 – Lots of great stuff in store for WPF. You can find more details on WPF 4.5 feature enhancements here:…/bb613588(v=vs.110).aspx. I’ll add this link to the list above for others interested as well.

  4. Florian George says:

    Is there anything new on the IDE extensibility side?

    We could do with new/improved API, as it was done for the Editor in Visual Studio 2010.

  5. Christian says:

    I would like to reinforce Florians inquiry. While I certainly hope I am mistaken I somehow have the bad feeling that not much done was on that part of VS and that would be a real shame. And it seems we are not the only ones:…/whats-new-to-extend-visual-studio-11

  6. @ Florian & Christian

    Great to see the interest in VS Extensibility!

    There are quite a few new Extensibility features in Visual Studio 11, including declarative binding redirection, an extensive revision to the manifest designer, and private galleries. You can learn more about the private galleries feature here:…/private-extension-galleries-for-the-enterprise.aspx

    If there are other aspects of VS Extensibility you'd like to know about, please let us know!


    Lisa Feigenbaum

    Senior Program Manager

    Visual Studio

  7. Christian says:

    Thanks Lisa,

    the private gallery feature seems nice. Like Florian I am also hoping for new/improved APIs like it was done for the Editor in Visual Studio 2010. For example: Will the Solution Navigator that seems to replace the Solution Explorer feature an extensibility API? My main concern is that newer versions of Visual Studio should expose more of its internals/extension points (and offer more extension points in general) as nice managed APIs instead of the awkward COM wrappers.

  8. LMKz says:

    What's up with the deafening silence from MS regarding the universally hated new "colour" scheme in the IDE? Is someone going to come out and reassure users at some point that it will be reverted? Or just carry on ignoring us?


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