June 28th What’s Happening Around Visual Studio

A quick recap of what's been happening on the team. 


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  1. TFS On The Road: WP7 TFS Client says:

    Hi Jason,

    I have one small contribution al well to your list. 🙂

    Recently(about one month ago) I released one app to Access TFS from WP7 using the recently released TFS OData. The app is getting a very nice reppercursion after the launch. The app name is "TFS On The Road". Thanks everyone for the feedbacks so far.

    I got a very valuable help from many community friends and also from MS. Brian Keller which made one nice post about the app on his blog(blogs.msdn.com/…/tfs-on-the-road-a-new-windows-phone-7-app-for-team-foundation-server.aspx). The app is also on MSDN Visual Studio Highlights(msdn.microsoft.com/…/default).

    If you want to take a better look do not hesitate to take a look ony my blog: pcbl.de/tfs-on-the-road




  2. PleaseFixYourBugs says:

    Since one of your links talks about the importance of feedback, could I please direct your attention to this thread on VCBlog:


    Many of the C++ developers are very disappointed with the quality of VS2010 as it applies to C++ development. The product has many bugs in key areas, the bugs are being reported, but not being fixed. The performance of the IDE is unacceptable and did not significantly improve with SP1. The update schedule is crazy, the updates are far too rare.

    Yet, from the thread, it does not look like Microsoft cares about it. All we got was someone saying that he would run the raised issues by the team. This was two weeks ago and we never heard anything back.

    What gives? Do you value feedback or not?

    Sorry if this was off-topic. It's a sad state of events. VS deserves better, as do we, your customers. Please fix whatever is broken.

  3. selkins says:

    @PleaseFixYourBugs – I spoke with Tony Goodhew and he's still working through both the specifics and more general feedback on connect that your two issues have raised.  Tony will respond via the VCBlog thread.

  4. PleaseFixYourBugs says:

    Thank you.

  5. haroun2 says:

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  6. Jackson says:

    thanks for sharing

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