Please welcome Erich Gamma to the Visual Studio team!

Today I am thrilled to announce that Erich Gamma will be joining the Visual Studio team as a Microsoft Distinguished Engineer!  Erich’s contributions have had a huge impact on the software industry.  Erich has a passion for shipping high quality, elegant software, something he shared with the community as co-author of Design Patterns.  He has always had a passion for building tools to make development more productive and pleasant. Together with Kent Beck he developed the JUnit unit test framework. He was one of the key technical leads of the Eclipse project and he has lead the Eclipse Java Development tools.  Recently his focus was on making teams more effective. He was an initial member of the Jazz project and the technical lead of Rational Team Concert. Finally, Erich has worked to bring teams together across the application life cycle and he was the lead of Rational's Collaborative Lifecycle Management effort.

Erich will continue to live and work out of Zurich, Switzerland where we will be opening a small Visual Studio development lab with Erich as the lead.  Erich will join the lab in early August.  For those who are interested in applying for positions with the new Zurich lab you can send mail to to get details.

The Visual Studio team is passionate about inspiring developers to create great software.  We want to make developers successful and enable them to continuously deliver value.  We are constantly looking for better ways to accomplish these goals.  I’m very excited to have someone like Erich who shares our passion join the team.  Please join me in welcoming Erich to the Visual Studio team!


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  1. Eric Samson says:

    What a news! That's great.

    — Eric.

  2. Michael Volz says:

    That is really great news…

  3. Hassan Fadili says:

    Wow, Great news! Erich is one of my idols on Design Patterns. Looking forward to meet Erich soon in one of Microsoft Conferences or in Redmond. Welcome Erich.

  4. ryufly says:

    This guy rocks!

  5. WillyDev says:

    WelCome to The Jungle Mr. Gamma . GoF Rulz

  6. Vitor Ciaramella says:

    Welcome, Erich!

  7. ajay sharma says:

    That is great

  8. Shahnawaz says:

    Welcome Erich!

    will wait for the VS vNEXT.

  9. El Bruno says:

    Great news !!! I hope to see some new features and new "way of life" in Visual Studio soon 😀


  10. PatrickSmacchia says:

    Great news 🙂

  11. Ben says:

    Well Eclipse never became a stable and fully functional IDE. Let's see what he does with VS.

  12. Poor Visual Studio says:

    So, things are going to get more complicated and with less documentation ?

  13. Walt Daniels says:

    Does this mean we'll see more of an "Open Visual Studio" in the future?

  14. Huh? says:

    Way to end a legacy

  15. sagar junnarkar(India) says:

    congratulations Mr.Erich Gamma

  16. xinz says:

    wonderful,  here is a link to many papers by Erich:…/erich-gamma

  17. Asegid says:


  18. boj says:

    great news, welcome Erich!

  19. Suha says:


  20. CarlD says:

    Welcome, Erich!  Fantastic news for Visual Studio.

  21. Jhonny López says:

    Glad to hear that. Congrats!

  22. JuanM says:

    Visual studio working with the betters

  23. André Obelink says:

    Really cool!

  24. bagus ilman says:

    welcome Erich..

    I cannot wait to see your job in vs team..

  25. Paul says:

    Boo!!!!! Put him back

  26. lk_Bob says:

    Welcome !!

          glad to hear that !

  27. John Berd says:

    Hi Jason,

    I sent mail to several days ago. Could you please tell me when I should expect to get a reply?

    Thank you.

  28. Feng Chen says:

    Really, really, really good news.

  29. Jason Zander says:

    @John – thanks for sending in mail, I'm checking to ensure it went through and make sure you get a reponse

  30. Zuluhead says:

    Great news 4 VS

  31. Marius Bancila says:

    Well, that's a great move for the VS team.

  32. Vinicius Rocha says:

    That's great news to VS team. Welcome Erich, I wish I could join a team like this! =)

  33. Sarat says:

    Great! MSFT is a place of legends of our time!

  34. Dori says:

    Thanks God. Maybe C++ will become again a priority for MS. Welcome Erich !

  35. primeMover says:

    awesome! now visual studio will become as bloated an slow as eclipse!

  36. Philippe says:

    Comeback Erich! These guys don't deserve you! 😉

  37. Ubaid says:

    Great news!

  38. Rett Pop says:

    So, it means that in the nearest future MSVS will transform to MSVIM? 🙂

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