December 16th What’s Happening Around Visual Studio

Quick recap on what’s been happening on the team.

  • Team Foundation Server and Project Server Integration – Learn more about this feature pack released to MSDN subscribers. This integration is a leap forward for organizations that have both Project Management Offices managing many projects and development teams using TFS.
  • Eurostar 2010 at Copenhagen Amit Chatterjee recently attended Europe’s largest conference for testers.  I recommend checking out his post to get an inside look at the conference and how the awareness of our testing tools has increased in the testing industry.
  • Visual Studio 2010 RTM Virtual Machine – Check out Brian Keller’s recent update to the virtual machine that contains the latest feature packs, power tools, and Windows Updates.  This VM is a simple way to try out Visual Studio 2010 and Team Foundation Server 2010. 
  • Force VS to Garbage Collect – Cameron Skinner’s recent post shows how to force the runtime inside Visual Studio’s address space to collect garbage via a simple keystroke.
  • How to Create a Many-to-Many Relationship – Check out Andy Kung’s walk through of creating a movie database application using Visual Studio LightSwitch.
  • Visual Studio Library Documentation Updates – Our documentation team recently published additional content for Feature Pack 2 and ALM in the VS Library.
  • Team Foundation Build Activity Reference – Andy Lewis just released an article that describes in detail the fundamental components of the build process. To learn more, check out Andy’s post.
  • Martin Woodward Brings Team Foundation Server to Everyone – Listen in to .NET Rocks! latest Internet audio talk show with Martin and learn about Team Explorer Everywhere and TFS in general.
  • Print Your Code in Color –  Download this free extension that restores support for printing code in color.  To learn more, check out the team’s post.
  • WCF Load Test Tool – The Visual Studio ALM Rangers recently released an update to their WCF Load Test tool. 
  • TFS Ecosystem – Brian Harry recently started a series on TFS and VS ALM as an open platform.  If you haven’t gotten a chance to check this out, here are the latest posts > Tasktop Announces TFS and VS Support for Mylyn and TeamCompanion and TFS.
  • ALM Summit 2010 – If you didn’t get the chance to attend this year’s ALM Summit, I recommend you check the presentations and video recordings. If you’re on Facebook, you can also get a good behind-the-scenes look on the ALM Summit page.
  • The Anatomy of a LightSwitch Application – The LightSwitch team started a series of posts that shed light on “what is LightSwitch really building under the covers?”.  I recommend you check out this series. Their latest post goes into detail about data access and storage.


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