October 14th What’s Happening Around Visual Studio

Quick recap of what's been happening around the team.



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  1. Founded1992 says:

    I don't know whether your involved with the xbox creators but it is worth a shot…

    i've recently come across a very nice idea of my own i plan on working on without any outside help (think of Zombie DDay). I come across a guide in the search that explains how i can come up to do this…

    i just have a problem. It claims you would need a Creators pass in order to make games for the Xbox. I don't have any money whatsoever to allow myself this privelage.

    I come across moreover to hopefully obtain the allowance to make this one game.I seek no profit whatsoever for the production of this game. And i dare not masscopy it to anyone other then my closests friends and reletives

    If you would be so kind as to allow me this privelage(or at the very least send it to someone else) i would be very much greatful. I thank you very much for taking your time to read a poor kids plead to make this game

  2. Jason Zander says:

    @Founded1992 – One thing to look at is Microsoft DreamSpark (http://www.dreamspark.com) which gives any student free copies of software to build applications.  The site can give you details on the "XNA Creators Club Online 12-Month Academic Trial Membership".  This should give you wat you need to get going on your idea.  Good luck!

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