Visual Studio 2010 Survey

It's been just over 6 months since we launched Visual Studio 2010 in April. I hope you've been busy digging in and taking VS out for a spin. Your feedback was invaluable to us as we were building VS - thank you!

It's a great time for us to hear what you think so far. We are especially interested in hearing about your experience with regards to performance, reliability, and quality.  The more details you share with us in this survey, the better we can understand your experience and apply what we learn into future versions.

The survey should take you no more than a few minutes. You can get started by clicking on > Visual Studio 2010 Survey.   

Let us know what you think!

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  1. Jonathan says:

    I am impressed with the new UML features and the architecture and modeling tools. I also like the new IntelliTrace debugging feature. The TFS integration is very nice too.

  2. James Coenen-Eyre says:

    Very impressed with VS2010 overall. Does everything I need with only a few exceptions from me.

    1. Sometimes the Find window just hangs. The rest of the UI is still responsive but I am forced to end the VS session to get any control back of the find window.

    2. There is an add-in provided for jscript files that allows you to collapse methods like in the code window. Would be great to see this extended so it has all the usual stuff like Collapse All, Regions etc.

    3. Would love to see item 2 also extended to css files.

    Apart from that I think VS2010 is a superb product, and that is from the perspective of WinForms, Web and WP7, both UI and backend development.



    aka @BondiGeek

  3. Jason Zander says:

    @Jonathan – thanks! glad to hear things are going well

    @James – thanks! we're planning v-next right now so it is a good time for feedback. I'd be very interested in your Find window issue, if you can send me details through this blog we'll take a look…

  4. mmxida says:

    Everything goes well with the vs2010 in my c++ development, but there're two issuses.

    1. The performance is poor with the vcpkage.exe, it eats memory too much(up to 200M);

    2. There're very few times that the vc debugger hangs when i start debugging my apps, and the whole system is freezen.

  5. Wow, it's weird that I see rather different responses here.

    VS2010 is a great product. It's just that actually I experience a performance issue with VS2010: it's slower than VS2008. I heard some people are actually complaining about VS2010 performance. Those issues have been reported in Connect and VS forums as well. There's discussion about it in Brian Harry's post here:…/visual-studio-2010-survey.aspx.

  6. Ulzii Luvsanbat [MSFT] says:


    Regarding the comment around VCPkgSrv.exe taking up too much memory, up to 200MB.  Without knowing details of your project it's difficult to speculate what could be causing that.  Here are some things that could explain why, and please let me know if these don’t make sense or you need more information.  You can send me mail directly at (batul at microsoft dot com).  It would also help us tremendously if you can actually send me a reproducible mock project.

    We did find an issue with large memory allocations by VCPkgSrve.exe for projects that have large number of header files across many directories, and the include path would have many separate directories to capture all the headers.  This bug is being fixed for next release.  To give you some perspective, if you had 5000 header files spread across 50 different directories, and all these directories were added in the include path, we’ve seen a case where VCPkgSrv.exe memory footprint would reach 385MB, instead it should be around 100MB.  Can you please see if your project include graph is similarly set up?


    Ulzii Luvsanbat

    Microsoft, Windows C++ Team

  7. Nam Gi VU says:

    Since the survey is over, I can't post my suggest in your link. I post my suggestion here:…/my-suggestions-for-visual-studio-2010

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