Microsoft Visual Basic CTP for Windows Phone Developer Tools Tutorial

Today we announced availability of the Microsoft Visual Basic CTP for Windows Phone Developer Tools. Details of the announcement can be found on Soma's blog.

This CTP installs on top of the final Windows Phone Developer Tools announced last week and enables you to write Windows Phone 7 apps in Visual Basic. Installation steps for this CTP are:

Let's walk through an example:

Open Visual Studio and create a new project by choosing File, New Project. All the C# Windows Phone 7 app templates are available for Visual Basic, including the new Panorama and Pivot applications.


 Selecting the Panorama application above creates a Visual Basic app that uses the Panorama UI metaphor.

Visual Basic apps have full designer support, including automatically updating code-behind files and IntelliSense and refactoring for both XAML and Visual Basic. For example, in this app let's give the Panorama control a name. Add Name ="panorama1" to the Panorama tag like this:

You can now switch to the code window and get IntelliSense when you try to complete Me.panorama1. In the InitializeComponent method add Me.panorama1.Title="VB WP7" and hit F5. This launches the app in the Windows Phone emulator.

You can click-drag in the emulator to swipe and slide the app to use the panorama metaphor. Notice that hitting F5 launches the app in debug mode. You can use regular debugger features like setting breakpoints and using watch windows, call stack window, etc.





Note that if you have phone unlocked and connected, you can debug directly on the phone as well. All you need to do is change the deployment target before hitting F5:

As you can see, this is a full featured CTP of Visual Basic for Windows Phone Development.  Note that Windows Phone 7 has already shipped and only supports C# at this time.  The functionality in this CTP will be included in a future version of Windows Phone (details will be provided in the future).  When we formally release the VB tools you should expect the functionality will be included in a corresponding Express release for the phone in addition to a plug-in for Visual Studio Pro (and above).

Here are some additional useful links:

Please try out this CTP and let us know what you think.


Comments (7)
  1. pingpong says:

    Ok, now I know why MS employees held an unofficial iPhone funeral – the VB support is the killer. Just imagine these apps for WP7.

  2. skytribe says:

    With VB support – we have a huge developer based with some of the best developer tools in the business.    

  3. Joel Clermont says:

    I want to make sure I understand this comment: "The functionality in this CTP will be included in a future version of Windows Phone (details will be provided in the future)."

    Does this mean we can develop apps with VB, but not deploy them to the marketplace? If so, any timeline on when the devices will support VB applications? Hopefully, I'm misunderstanding this comment. Source language shouldn't matter when compiling/deploying. Thanks

  4. Jason Zander says:

    @Joel – The CTP is not ready for production level work yet (it does not come with a "Go Live" licsense).  Because of this you can build applications for testing including deploying them to an unlocked phone.  We're looking for your feedback on the CTP and based on that and release timing we will be able to open up submissions in the future.  Hope that helps clarify

  5. Spotty says:

    There are a few implementation items under the covers which should change between CTP and Release.  

  6. James says:

    Sweet! I have been waiting for the ability to program in VB for Windows Phone 7.

  7. majlar says:

    What happened to C#-VB parity?

    Not having VB support from day one, worse, SHIPPING a product with NO VB support in V 1.0 means only one thing: Microsoft really thinks VB is for amatuers. Very disappointing. People like me trusted Microsoft and stayed with VB. Now I'm paying the price by having a lower salary than a similar C# position. And the gap is widening by giving C# guys a head start with WP7 and XNA. What a disaster for us VB developers. I'm stunned and lost for words.

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