LightSwitch Architectural Overviews

Last week we announced LightSwitch, a new tool for developers to make it easier to build line of business applications.  You gave us a lot of great feedback, thank you for all of the comments and questions!  One of the key requests was to provide more information about the architecture of the applications that are built with LightSwitch.  The team has been working hard to publish a set of material on this which I wanted to share with you, including the top level architecture topology:


Hopefully you will find the following links useful:

We will continue to post more information on the architecture and boundaries of LightSwitch.  Expect to also see more tutorial information when the bits go live on August 23.


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  1. weitzhandler says:

    I am a little upset why I don't see WPF on the Client Tier options list.

    But I am anyway eagerly waiting to see this compelling product released.

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