Sample Update: Windows Phone 7 Example Application for Beta Tools

In May I wrote a sample Windows Phone 7 application using the CTP tools.  I’ve just updated the sample to work against the Beta tools (you can always find the latest tools here). 

In this version I’ve updated the formatting of the main page to use styles to help clean up the markup.  I also fixed up several of the markup items to allow more natural layout to occur.  For example number buttons are now styled:




I’ve also updated the [+] and [-] buttons to use the Windows Phone 7 Icon Pack for a better appearance.  This icon pack has all the most common icons you’ll find in phone applications.

Finally, this version of the tools enables the ApplicationBar so you can place extra controls at the bottom of the page.  I’ve added a “clear” button which zeros out the totals.



You can find the updated version of the sample source code here


Comments (1)

  1. ibmec says:

    Just a little "tip". ClearTotal.png project item 'Build Action' is set to 'Resource' instead of 'Content'. That leads to the App bar button to display a kind of 'not found' image instead of the right one (they both look almost identical, though).

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