Patch for Cut / Copy ‘Insufficient Memory’ issue for VS2010

We’ve received several reports of an issue when trying to do a Cut or Copy which gave you the following error:

"Insufficient available memory to meet the expected demands of an operation at this time, possibly due to virtual address space fragmentation. Please try again later."

There is now a patch available which you can download here.   More details on the issue can be found on the Visual Studio team blog here

Comments (1)

  1. Daniel Smith says:

    Really appreciate you guys getting a hotfix out for this so quickly, and not waiting until SP1 to resolve it.  You've likely saved a lot of people from going crazy 🙂

    Is there any chance the following problem the Solution Explorer context menu could also be escalated:…/vsipissue-context-menus-open-in-scrolling-mode-while-there-is-place-to-show-the-whole-menu

    It's a major annoyance, especially since it's a menu that's used so often.  Having to scroooooolllll the menu when you're trying to get things done quickly is driving people demented!

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