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This morning at TechEd New Orleans I had the opportunity to announce several new releases.  Here are a set of links to help you get started:

AppFabric V1 RTM Windows Server AppFabric makes it easy to create long running services that combine the best of WCF and WF.  You can install AppFabric on Windows Server 2008 (for production) as well as Windows Vista and Windows 7 (for development purposes).
Scrum Process Template Scrum is an increasingly popular methodology for running your projects.  The Scrum Process Template for TFS makes it easier to implement scrum using the TFS repository and offers full integration.  Features include the ability to track things like Velocity and Burndown. 
Microsoft Expression 4 The new version of Expression has just released today in New York.  Expression adds may new features and makes it easy to create compelling user interfaces with technologies such as Silverlight.
WCF RIA Services WCF is already a very powerful way to build out services for SOAP, REST, and AtomPub.  WCF RIA Services gives you abstract level support over WCF making it much simpler to share data between client and server.
Productivity Power Tools These power tools add large set of productivity improvements for the IDE including triple click select, URL navigation of definitions, tab well improvements, and a fast and searchable Add Reference dialog. [Update: the linked change as we pushed bits to MSDN, corrected]
Visualization and Modeling Feature Pack The feature pack provides new support for architectural discovery of Web sites, visualization of C++ code, and additional UML support including code generation.


Comments (2)

  1. Dan says:

    Can you check the link for the Porductivity Power Tools? I get this:

    The page does not exist

    Sorry, the page you requested was not found.

  2. Jason Zander says:

    @Dan – sorry about that; the link changed as we were pushing it up to MSDN.  I've fixed it now, thanks for pointing out the issue

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