Ship It!! Visual Studio 2010 / .NET Framework 4 Now Available

Launch day is here and I’m pleased to announce the product is final and available now!

I can easily say this is the biggest tools release I’ve been involved with in over a decade working on .NET and Visual Studio.  The work in the product represents in some cases (such as the CLR) four years of innovation coming together.  I want to say a big THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS to the entire team.

In just a little while I will continue our world wide launch events here in London followed by Bob Muglia in Las Vegas.  We’ve already completed the events in Malaysia, China, and India.  In addition to the keynotes, we will have local events around the world and will have streaming media available for you.

Finally, thanks to all of you who downloaded pre-release builds of the product and provided your feedback.  You’re feedback has been invaluable to us.

Enjoy the release, I can’t wait to see what you create…

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  1. John Miles says:

    Oh no! I get a 404 error from the link! 🙁

  2. n13ldo says:

    Not published in MSDN subscriber downloads either

  3. Chuck says:

    When is The Precioussss going up on MSDN Subscriber Downloads? We wantss it NOW!!!!! 🙂

  4. Zai says:

    Thank you! When will it be available for MSDN subscribers? Can’t wait after the end of countdown for Final release. It’s like a new day

  5. Will says:

    Timezone trouble, I expect.  

    The twitterers are saying 10AM PST, which is not 10AM where Jason is at the moment.

  6. Anthony says:

    Any idea what time this will be available on DreamSpark? There seems to be trouble with time zones and stuff, so could you please tell me what time it will be available in GMT?


    (by the way, as stated in the comments, the link does not work, it throws a 404 error)

  7. Andy says:

    Yes, when will it be available for MSDN download?

  8. Reuben Soto says:

    Chuck: LMAO!!!  Seriously MS, the crackheads have been trolling MSDN since 3am– WHERE IS IT!!?!?!?

  9. Tad says:

    Pitiful… no MSDN download available???  We used to be privileged and get it first.  Seems those days are long gone.

  10. Hungry says:

    Come on Tad – it’s not the start of the working day in Redmond yet.   MSDN/VS download launches have always been a bit shambolic, so there’s no golden age to hark back to either.

    The screw-up here is Jason’s post has jumped the gun – everything else points to 10AM PST.

  11. VL says:

    It is 8:10 am EST and the link does not work. What are you doing Microsoft?

  12. FromEurope says:

    In Britain It will be available 6pm and 7pm in western Europe it seem according to the twitter traffic going about . So the gun has been jumped somewhat 😀

  13. Steve Nutt says:

    I don’t see any mention of the Express versions. Are they due for release today also ?

  14. GeoffreyF says:

    IT IS NOT IN MSDN!    This is obnoxious to be taking orders when you are not fulfilling for loyal paying MSDN customers.  VERY disappointed.

  15. Adasko says:

    still no sign on subscribers downloads :/

  16. Bruno says:

    Me want it now! Not in MSDN yet =(

  17. julie lerman says:

    All other announcements (e.g., scott hanselman on twitter) say that it will be on MSDN at 10am PDT today. That’s 3 1/2 hours from now. Hang in there, kids. 😉

  18. Take it easy says:

    Take a pill people.  If you get it now or in a day isn’t gonna make or break your life.

  19. I have patience says:

    Wah, wah, wah, it’s not available on MSDN yet. We are loyal paying customers! Some people need to get a life.

  20. Drugs says:

    Haha, this is like drugs! 🙂

    Hopefully we’ll get addicted to VS2010 🙂

  21. Dont Insult Either says:

    People are excited…people want to play with the new and greatest. No need to insult them and say they need a life. People stand outside of stores for all sorts of things…yes some do need a life…but in the case of Visual Studio…some may need it for their jobs to improve their ability to get it done. No burns required.

  22. BobTesch says:

    My day is not coming to an end because it is not on MSDN yet, but I do remember when…  Okay, back when VS2005 released, the MSDN people had it a few days before the actual release event.  The thought then was to have the final bits in our hands so we were even more hyped up and would treat Steve Balmer like a true rock star when he went on stage.  

  23. Sody says:

    wow man…I need it, I need it 🙂 still nothing in MSDN

  24. Chuck says:

    Thank you "Don’t Insult Either". Microsoft should be happy indeed that their customers are excited about their products. I just hope that the MSDN website doesn’t have a meltdown at 10am PST…

  25. nitroxn says:

    I don’t see any download links. I would like to get my hands on the trial version.

  26. Food Fan says:

    The comments demanding MSDN downloads are hilarious.

  27. Chris says:

    MSDN will be updated with #vs2010 downloads and details at 10am PST *today*!

    Pls RT!

  28. reality check says:

    I think "I have patience" is still just mad about how long he waited in line for his iphone

  29. I can wait says:

    Where is the x64 edit-and-continue or the ?. operator

  30. Bill says:

    I wrote an app to keep refreshing IE on the VS2010 MSDN page, looking for the download link, every 5 seconds. It will immediately click and begin the download as soon as it’s available!

  31. Lynn says:

    People – Get a grip!  The world is not ending before 10am PDT.

  32. Wondering says:

    I just hope that all of the I-WANT-IT-NOW demanders

    won’t be disappointed when they finally get to download, install and work with the product ;-]

    Until the next SP…

  33. Rick Novak says:

    Go to the Microsoft web site and they invite you to download a trial version of Visual Studio 2010. They take you to to a page that only lets you pre-order a copy and there’s no way to download anything. Do they mislead us on purpose or are they just incompetent? Even the "available now" link doesn’t work. Well, Mr. Jason Zanders – are we seeing vapourWare here?

  34. BrianD says:

    I would suggest that all that are waiting take a little time and visit the E-Learning site and take a course or two to pass the time.

  35. Mehdi says:

    The links are not available for download, what’s the problem?

  36. Mandeep Bains says:

    The keynote speech has begun yet its not available on MSDN. Come on MS!!!!!

  37. Vairam says:

    Still download not appear on MSDN.

  38. Daniel Ekiyoyo says:

    It’s 5PM in UK, .NET Framework 4 download  now available.

    Hoping VS2010 should follow soon.

  39. Daniel Ekiyoyo says:

    Ha! It’s now been taken off-line. Was trying to download: ".NET Framework 4 Full (x86) – (English)"

  40. Rick says:

    I see Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate (x86) – DVD (English) out there now but not a x64 version.  Is there one and it’s just not out there yet?

  41. Daniel Ekiyoyo says:

    both "Visual Studio 2010" and ".NET Framework 4" now available for download.

    See MSDN download site:

  42. Rick says:

    support chat indicated to me there is no x64 version just like with prior versions of vs.  reference link

  43. PinkFloyd says:

    How long till it’s on Pirate Bay! Waiting………………………………

  44. RE: 64-bit Visual Studio says:

    FYI, There is no 64-bit version of any release of Visual Studio, include 2010. The x86 version is the one you want, no matter what platform you’re running on.

  45. Lorenzo says:

    In this new version they axed the Standard version! Well it seems that MS wants only premium customers after all.

  46. The x86 version of Visual Studio runs on x64 Operating Systems and includes support for developing 64 bit applications.

  47. mglass says:

    Why is the .NET Framework 4 not supported on a server core?

  48. aaronru says:

    Preempt common question: How to Upgrade from #VS2010 RC to RTM:

  49. Chris Williamson says:

    Do MSDN subscribers have to purchase VS2010?

  50. Chris Williamson says:

    Do MSDN subscribers have to purchase VS2010?

  51. n13ldo says:

    Was so looking forward to trying it out (Win7 Ult x64) but unfortunately doesn’t install:

    Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 64bit Prerequisites (x64): [2] Error: Installation failed for component Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 64bit Prerequisites (x64). MSI returned error code 1603

    Trawling Google for answers brings up threads re this message for VS2010 beta and VS2008 (none of which fix the problem).

    Poor show MS.

  52. aaronru says:


    Sorry to hear that you’re having an issue installing #VS2010 RTM.  In order to diagnosis your issue, we need to look at your setup logs.  Can you please follow my blog post to use our log collection tool and then send me a link to the logs?  Please ensure that Visual Studio Setup is not running when you execute the collect tool.

    Thanks for using #VS2010!

    Aaron Ruckman [MSFT]

  53. Richa Prasad [MSFT] says:

    @Chris Williamson

    If you have an existing active MSDN subscription that includes Visual Studio, then you will get rights to an edition of Visual Studio 2010. The edition which you will receive depends on which MSDN subscription level you own. Please see the following page for an overview of the MSDN subscription levels, and which Visual Studio editions are included in each:

  54. Chuck says:

    Dear MS, thank you for The Precioussss! 🙂 I had no problem uninstalling the Release Candidate and then installing VS 2010 Premium. The IDE seems noticeably faster when starting than the RC. Great job!

  55. aaronru says:


    From neil’s logs he is experiencing an MSI 1935 return code, which indicates that an assembly is unable to be updated.  The workaround is to reboot your machine and retry the setup process again.


    Aaron Ruckman [MSFT]

  56. Journeyman says:

    I’m having the exact same problem that n13ldo is having installing the vs 2010 ultimate trial in windows 7 x64. Already rebooted a lot of times. Any tips?

  57. aaronru says:

    Hi Journeyman,

    Neil continued to have the same issue, so we investigated it deeper and found that his Windows 7 version was not quite the RTM prduct, which is what the .NET Framework 4 depends on.  Can you please ensure that you have the Windows 7 RTM build installed? If that is not the case feel free to send me your logs following thie process:

    Thanks for using #VS2010!

    Aaron Ruckman [MSFT]

  58. pd says:

    this torrent is full version. Cracked by TKiSO. 100% tested.

    Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate x86-TKiSO

    Tnks for all

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