Patch for Touch Screen / Intellisense Issue for VS2010 RC

Many of you have seen crashing issues when using a Tablet, Multi-touch, Screen Readers, etc with the RC.  This issue was a late breaking regression as we locked down RC and unfortunately was not caught until we shipped.  We've released a hotfix which resolves this issue here:

I know the work arounds have been painful for you so I hope this patch helps.  Keep the feedback coming!

Comments (5)

  1. Erem says:

    Shouldn’t this and fixes alike be made available via Windows Update?

  2. Jason Zander says:

    @Erem – couple of issues: Visual Studio is not a Windows component and is not yet released software.  The .NET Framework does ship with Windows so any servicing will be done via Winodws Update (once it formally ships).  Let us know if you have any questions.

  3. Yann says:

    I think Erem meant "Microsoft Update" (not "Windows Updtae") & I agree that such updates should be delievered that way.

  4. Alun Jones says:

    Sounds a little like a problem I had with .NET, DataGridView and the accessibility components. Took me weeks to figure out that the application was only crashing when the graphics tablet was plugged in. More at – although I have yet to figure out a way to fix it, other than to kill the Tablet Input Service, which I’m really reluctant to do.

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