Visual Studio 2010 / .NET Framework 4 RC Ready for General Download

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The release candidate (RC) bits are now ready for general download here.  So far I’ve seen a lot of great feedback on the new bits (including lots of great traffic on twitter), please do keep it coming.

I wanted to post answers to some common questions:

What versions of Silverlight are supported with the RC?

Silverlight 3 (the current production version) is included in the box.  Silverlight 4 is still under development.  We will be adding VS 2010 RC support for SL4 with the next public Silverlight 4 drop. If you are doing active Silverlight 4 development today we recommend staying with the VS10 Beta 2 build for now.

Are there Express editions of the RC available?

Not with this interim release.  All the features are available in the drops we’ve included.  Express editions will be sim-shipped at RTM.  It was just easier for drop logistics to limit the number of SKU’s we posted.

Do you need to uninstall Beta 2 before installing the RC?

Yes.  VS2010 runs side by side with VS2008 (and VS2005).  VS2010 Beta 2 must be removed to install VS2010 RC.

Is there a 64-bit .NET Framework package for the RC?

Yes.  The wrong file was posted on Monday but was quickly fixed.

Is Mobile development supported in the VS2010 release?

As with Beta 2 we do not have mobile development “in the box” for VS2010.  Mobile is definitely important and we’re working closely with the Mobile team to deliver support in the future.  Please stay tuned...

When will the RC bits expire?

As mentioned in the license, the RC build is set to run through June 30, 2010.  We expect this will give you plenty of time after our announced April 12th launch to upgrade to final RTM bits before the RC build expires.

If you find issues, please do report them via the Connect site.  We’re also very eager to see your survey feedback on the release.

Let the downloads begin!

Comments (26)

  1. Rob Hyland says:

    Dear Microsoft Techies:

    I sure hope this version is better than Beta 2. There were so many Devastating Bugs in that one that…. I digress.

    In my opinion, the Beta 2 of this product is someone’s idea of a very sick joke.

    Let me explain why. I have Alienware laptop 64-Bit QuadCore Intel with 8GB of RAM running RAID0; a smokin’ machine if I do say so myself.

    Microsoft claimed that this version was a "Go Live" product or something to the effect that I gathered meant that it was almost like the CTP release but with few "minor" bugs in it. That’s what I get for thinking.

    I started getting a gleam in my eyes about what fabulous new product that was gonna make me rich using it for my design tool. Again, I was wrong.

    Anyways, I started working on what eventually came to be a super-duper WPF-XPAP-based program that started getting fairly complex with User Controls, Custom-built controls, 3rd-Party controls, Interfaces, Types and whatever else….

    Yeah, it crashed… and frequently. I kept on getting this same error: "System Out of Memory." I’m thinking to to myself.. what in God’s name are they talking about? I have an Oracle database running on it but still the very most of memory being used was 60%. Besides, it was working quite a number of times before the "final" crash; in which even though I tried to reinstall it and .NET v.40, my application would still not work.

    I tried some other, smaller MVC applications and they worked just fine, so I’m not sure why I kept getting that error message in my WPF XBAP app.

    I finally gave up and now have to convert all of my project files back into Visual Studio 2008 SP1 w/.NET v3.5.

    I tried googling this error message with VS2K10B4 but all the problems were very different… God only knows what is was….

    Why don’t they make a 64-bit version??!!

    In closing, all I have to say to anyone seeing those ads about the hype of "what are you going to build with Visual Studio 2010" just navigate back and then forwards and maybe that ad will disappear… before any programs you try to develop with it will.

  2. Mark Erikson says:

    Not sure where to ask this one, so I’ll ask here.  I just uninstalled VS2010 B2, and tried to install the RC.  It quickly informed me that it requires WinXP SP3, and stopped.  The readme for B2 says it required SP3 as well, but apparently I was able to install it without a problem (same for B1).  I’m in a corporate environment, and have no control over service pack installation.  Is there anything I can do to get the RC to install on my system?  I REALLY want to be able to use it.

  3. ABE says:

    Rob – MS have been quite open about the perf issues with Beta 2. Check Brian Harry’s blog on this. hence the RC.

  4. Steve Johnson says:

    Of course this version is better — you’re comparing a beta and an RC. If they had the RTM ready they would release it instead of masquerading it as the beta and having us test it. They also explained the possible frustrations and state of the software, if it wasn’t already clear about how beta testing works.

    Using the beta almost every day I only encountered three bugs that were bad enough to cause serious problems and they were all fixed in this release. The majority of the other bugs have long since been fixed. Wait to buy it if you can’t handle a simple pre-release.

  5. Wandering says:

    April?  Annouced was March 12th.  I am at a loss for more words, not.

    Long before VIP wrote that special offer to be coming for ex-Standard (read small budget) programmers.  What and where is this?

  6. SHA1 please verify (nevermind, but posted anyway) says:

    I’m getting



    2,420,662,272 VS2010Ult_RC.iso

    which does not match the webpage value (no size given) of 0x8131CFAA9C48A6396B2717D06AB2DF8B4B8FA734

    Since I’ve never failed to match a (valid) hash, my hunch is the webpage is wrong.  Please verify for ultimate RC, reference

    Well, I ran than hash again and this time it worked.  Scary.

    sha1 VS2010Ult_RC.iso /sh

    ReadFile 1.61 –

    File= 46603 Kb/Sec with 673185792 bytes : VS2010Ult_RC.iso Sha1=2b6a5728dc6ea7bff1b51f29c588615d5481e932

    Average =  46603 Kb/Sec with 673185792 bytes (total : 14444 msec)

    type vs2010Ult_RC_sha1.txt

    SHA-1: 0x8131CFAA9C48A6396B2717D06AB2DF8B4B8FA734

    sha1 VS2010Ult_RC.iso /sh

    ReadFile 1.61 –

    File= 50429 Kb/Sec with 2420662272 bytes : VS2010Ult_RC.iso Sha1=8131cfaa9c48a6396b2717d06ab2df8b4b8fa734

    Average =  50429 Kb/Sec with 2420662272 bytes (total : 48000 msec)

  7. Petar Repac says:

    I just verified sha-1 for VS2010PRO_RC1.iso and is OK.

  8. Name required says:

    Because first run only made it to with 673185792 bytes .  Second run had the full count.  Too much noise in the frequencies, Kenneth.  Moral is to run a CRC instead of downloading it again when you are unsure why an install failed.  Submit works?  Yes, with name.

  9. Diogo Guerra says:

    Hi, any news about the Entity Framework POCO Template update for Visual Studio 2010 RC ?

    Can you provide the Beta2 version (i’ve seen a fix to put it working on rc)

  10. igor says:

    Did anybody try to uninstall  RC and install BETA 2 or Express BETA 2 again?

    It fused into the OS so deeply it is almost impossible to remove this peace of engineering art.

    After hour of dancing with installs and registry keys I was able to remove RC and installed BETA 2 again.

    However, now installation of Silverlight 4 tools fail…

    I guess I did not remove some secret magic registry key and I wonder if somebody else had the same issue and was able to find a solution

  11. Richa Prasad says:


    Note that VS2010 RC supports SL3 out of the box. The next SL4 drop will support the RC as well. We will keep you updated.

  12. Faisal Mohamood says:

    Diogo – We are currently in the process of updating Entity Framework POCO Templates for Visual Studio 2010 RC. Please watch for an announcement soon.


  13. Will says:

    @igor – SL4 doesn’t work with the RC, you need to stick with B2 if you’re working with SL4.

    Outside MS it’s not known why and they’ve not said when it’s going to be fixed, although it’s months rather than years.

    The view of the SL team is that people who are complaining about this unexpected let-down are ‘making mountains out of molehills’ and should basically just shut-up and wait for the next SL release (whenever that is).

    But those of us who would like MS to do a better job of supporting their developers in future know that very loud, very widespread complaint is the best way to get things changed…

  14. ScottNo says:

    @Wandering: We have something planned – stay tuned for Visual Studio 2010 Launch in April!

  15. igor says:

    @Will – Well it’s the thing 🙂 I trying to make my BETA 2 work again after I uninstalled RC and re-install BETA 2.

    Now I can’t install SL 4 toolkit for BETA 2.

    It’s another good lesson from Microsoft. Wait for production release, don’t do anything serious with their BETAs and CTPs.

    They screwed us already with Velocity and with Workflow Foundation

  16. Robert says:

    I have a problem to install VS2010 RC Pro. Seems to be problem to install framework NET 4 RC. I’ve tried to get over but no way 🙁

    NET4 Beta 2 install works fine.

    From the log it looks like some kind of problem with KB956250.

    Any idea?

    Launching CreateProcess with command line = wusa.exe "F:1e0dff79c220bc56c58f9044fe589eWindows6.0-KB956250-v6001-x86.msu" /quiet /norestart

    [2/11/2010, 21:30:45]Exe (F:1e0dff79c220bc56c58f9044fe589eWindows6.0-KB956250-v6001-x86.msu) failed with 0x800b0100 – No signature was present in the subject. .

    [2/11/2010, 21:30:45]PerformOperation on exe returned exit code 2148204800 (translates to HRESULT = 0x800b0100)

    [2/11/2010, 21:30:45] Action complete

    [2/11/2010, 21:30:45]Error 0x800b0100 is mapped to Custom Error:

    [2/11/2010, 21:30:45]OnFailureBehavior for this item is to Rollback.

    [2/11/2010, 21:30:45] Action: Performing actions on all Items…

    [2/11/2010, 21:30:45] Action complete

    [2/11/2010, 21:30:45] Action complete

    [2/11/2010, 21:30:45]Final Result: Installation failed with error code: (0x800B0100), "No signature was present in the subject. " (Elapsed time: 0 00:01:24).

    [2/11/2010, 21:31:5]WM_ACTIVATEAPP: Focus stealer’s windows WAS visible, NOT taking back focus

  17. MarcT says:

    @ScottNo – We’ve been hearing that MS has "something planned" for VS Standard users since last October. But I’m trying to plan a budget for this year, and with 10 users on VS Std, the difference between Std at $3K and Pro at $8K will probably determine whether the upgrade is approved or not. Is there any way we can get some certainty before April?

    I love what I’m seeing in 2010 and I really hope there’s a way we can upgrade to it without breaking the bank!

  18. Chris says:

    Anyone hear anything about deploying a precompiled web application with VS2010?  Can’t do that with BETA_2, so I was hoping they’d throw that into RC1.  I cant believe that critical feature was left out until after the release. I guess they’ll throw together another web deployment project as an add-on in June or so.

  19. Robert says:

    I am really curious what the new Windows Mobile version will bring us. And I think Microsoft would make a wise move to bring out a free "Visual Mobile Developer Express Edition" – that would help the platform a lot.

  20. PTCMAC says:

    Nice job, Guys!

    Except for a minor problem with Silverlight 3 (NOT the one in the release notes but similar) VS2010 installed easily and quickly.

    I was then able to upgrade a complex solution containing 83 projects, 300K+ lines of C# code with WinForms, ASP.Net, WCF, WPF, WSE 2, WSE 3, MS-AJAX, ACT, jQuery, a couple third party assemblies, 50K+ lines of javascript, and much more in about 1.5 hours.  Once I corrected a couple syntax problems that arose from conversion of the unsupported WSE based web services, I installed the rebuilt application on a test server and was up and running.  Regression testing has produced no problems and everything seems to be working fine.

    I like the new look, although it’s gonna take some time to adjust to the moved close button on the editor windows.  Performance-wise, it’s fast; faster than VS2008.  Overall, it’s a real beaut and I can’t wait to start using the new 4.0 features.  I’m really looking forward to investigating the tighter AJAX-to-jQuery integrations.

    The one thing that I’m still missing is javascript outlining.  What with the extensive javascript we are writing these days to support RIAs, we need to start treating javascript like a first class language.  We need outlining, better syntax checking, and even better intellisense.

    Again, nice job!  And thanks, guys.  Can’t wait tobe able to go to production with this…

  21. Aykut says:

    The thing I noticed was that in the Beta Release ‘Navigate To’ menu was working a bit slow especially after you leave the Development Environment waiting in the taskbar for long periods.

    In the RC version this seems to be fixed…

    Nice 🙂

  22. Mark L says:

    I’m a hobbyist who can barely justify paying $300 for VS Standard. $800 for VS Pro is out of the question. Have been using VS 2008 upgrade version.

    Long story short: XP machine crashed last April while transferring files to new Vista machine. VS files lost. Reloaded VS 2008 on Vista PC (over VB Express)but didn’t write code. Clean-installed Windows 7, decided to wait for new VS Standard. No Standard in the 2010 SKUs. Bummer.

    What I really want to do is just clean-install a full version of VS 2010 when it becomes available. Will the special deal for Standard users allow me to do that for less (a LOT less) than $800?

  23. Hi Robert,

    I understand that .NET4 setup is failing with following error: 0x800b0100 – No signature was present in the subject. .

    The troubleshootings steps are:

    1. Retry .NET RC setup from

    2. If you encounter same error as before, run tool @

    3. Re-run .NET4 RC setup from

    If this does not resolve the errors, you can send email to me on vsnet2010 at



  24. sam says:

    I was not able to read all the comments. but, i removed my VS 2008 and VS 2010 Beta 2 then installed VS2010 RC. I had done my projects in Beta2 to target SL4. I want to know how i can revert them back to SL3 since i can’t now see my cs files and dlls.I wonder whether my projects are now gone.  

  25. Vasiliy says:

    Began studying programming for distributed structures (for internet).

    Hopefully, the new capabilities of Visual Studio will help me.

  26. Naz says:

    I see so many here with various problems, issues uninstalling and installing the next version etc etc.  Why even spend any time and effort in this area with beta software?  Just roll back to your snapshot before you installed beta 1 or beta2.  I mean you guys ARE running this stuff in a VM, right?  No sympathy from me if you’re foolishly running a bunch of pre-release software on your production system.

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