Announcing VS2010 / .NET Framework 4 Release Candidate (RC)

Today I’m pleased to announce we have shipped the RC for Visual Studio 2010 / .NET Framework 4!  MSDN subscribers can download the bits immediately from this location.  The RC will be made available to the public on Wednesday February 10.

We got a lot of invaluable feedback on Beta 2 through Connect as well as your survey responses.  In particular many of you pointed out areas of performance where we were not at parity with VS2008 and it was impacting your ability to adopt the product.  Some of those areas of feedback included general UI responsiveness (including painting, menus, remote desktop and VMs), editing (typing, scrolling, and Intelisense), designers (Silverlight and WPF in particular), improved memory usage, debugging (stepping, managed / native interop), build times, and solution/project load.

Since then Brian and I have been doing daily stand up meetings with the team working through the feedback.  We’ve conducted several private CTP’s with people who reported issues in order to validate the direction of the work.  In December we made the hard call to extend the Beta 2 period to continue to drive improvements into the product.  I had a chance to discuss the things we found and the work we did with the Channel 9 guys:


At this point we have sought out and tested all the projects we could lay our hands on.  We’re making the RC build widely available so you can try it out with your projects as well.  You can report your feedback through our survey site and any issues through Connect:


In addition to taking any final feedback from you, we are working closely with 3rd party companies that have popular Visual Studio add-ins (such as Resharper, CodeRush, Whole Tomato, etc) to make sure the environment works well.  We’ve still got more work to do here but are making great progress.

Let us know what you think!

Comments (72)

  1. Vivek says:

    Wow great.

    I always loved VS 2010 Beta 2 and will be testing this RC

    Still there is no IronPython support(Everyone needs it).

  2. Is there a table somewhere which describes the feature differences between the Visual Studio 2010 Express editions and the Professional/Premium/Ultimate editions? What about the features that used to be present in Standard but not in Professional – have these all migrated to Express (with the obvious exception of smart device development)?

    Apologies in advance if the answer to this question is obvious and I somehow missed it.

  3. jinishans says:

    Expecting Feb 10th to happen immediatly for downloading and trying out RC VS2010. Kudos to VS team, I hope the memory issues are resolved, and we dont’ want yet another Vista version in VS, else no IT managers would dare to buy VS 2010 cos, no one wnat their Devs to spend more time for Dev due to VS perf issues.

  4. Guy says:

    Does the RC require complete removal of Beta 2 to install, or will the installer handle it?

    As for me, I’m just hoping the frequent crashes on CSS and HTML parsing are a thing of the past 🙂



  5. Jomit says:

    Can’t wait to get my hands on RC !!!

    Thanks Jason,



  6. aaronru says:


    Thanks for trying out Visual Studio RC. You will need to uninstall Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 and then install RC.

    I just did it on my machine and it worked great. Feel free to let me know if you have any issues in moving to the RC.

  7. It would be cool if Visual Studio could compile to *nix targets as well as Windows ones, but currently that still isn’t possible… Nevertheless, I’ll definitely try out the RC when it becomes publicly available…

  8. Do you have any idea when Silverlight 4 will be available in Visual Studio 2010 RC? I really want to upgrade to the RC edition because of the number of crashed I have every day in the beta 2, but I can’t until silverlight 4 is available.

  9. Jason says:

    Hopefully this release will give me some extra intellisense on XAML.  Yesterday, I spent 1.5 hours trying to figure out the formatting of a command using a datagrid in VS 2008.  Had there been some intellisense when I typed Command=, I would have found it instantly and not wasted time.

  10. Bob Tabor says:

    Hi Jason, any word on the availability of the RC version of the Express Editions?  I’m creating screencasts for beginners and want to use those instead of Beta 2.  Thank you!

  11. @Bob Tabor – We do not plan to release RC versions of the Express Editions since all of the functionality is already available in the other Editions we published yesterday.  We haven’t made any other substantial changes to Express since Beta2.  Hopefully you’ll be able to make due without the Express versions until we ship final bits.  Sorry for any inconvenience this might cause you.


  12. rickm says:

    Yeah, so where’s the 64-bit version?

  13. Jim says:


    I was out at the MSDN subscriber’s site and I noticed that en_.net_framework_4_client_profile_rc_x86_489530.exe and en_.net_framework_4_client_profile_rc_x86_x64_489530.exe are actually the exact same binaries.

  14. Jason Zander says:

    @Brian – <<table on features>>

    @Guy – I talked a lot about performance in the post, but we have also been working hard on stability.  If you do see issues I want to hear about them

    @Koen – VS2010 RC supports SL3 out of the box. The next SL4 drop will support the RC as well, stay tuned…

    @Jason – sorry you are hitting issues. Send me details ( on what you are hitting and what you expected and we’ll look it.

  15. Tales Aguiar says:

    There is a Visual Studio 2010 SDK for this RC? Are plans to?

  16. Aaron Marten says:

    @Tales – Yes, there will be a corresponding Visual Studio SDK build for the RC.

  17. Aaron Marten says:

    @Sir Gallantmon – While there isn’t much "in the box" support for targeting *nix platforms with Visual Studio, there are add-on products that enable this. For example, check out "VSBridge" and "WinGDB" on the Visual Studio Gallery:[0].Type=Tag&f[0].Value=linux

  18. Richa Prasad says:


    Here is a table for feature comparisons between the different SKUs:

  19. Guy (Different one) says:

    This feels like a big vote of no confidence for Silverlight development. Did I miss the prior notice that SL4 would be excluded. We were expecting significant improvements and a go-live license. I hope that ours is not the only development team to make a strategic decision towards SL for business apps. Could we get a better explanation and possibly some reassurance? Some of us (I) may get called to the mat for this.

  20. Richa Prasad says:


    Here is an update:

    There were no features in Standard that were not in Pro. Standard was a complete subset with a simplified setup.

    The express SKU comparison can be found here:

  21. Andrei Rinea says:

    How much do we owe to Rico Mariani for this speed improvement?

  22. uninstalling beta 2 right now, got my evening plans in place!

  23. This is a great news.


  24. Eric Anderson says:

    What time is the RC being released wednesday? Tuesday at 12am?

  25. Jason Zander says:

    @Guy (Different one) – VS2010 ships with SL3 support in the box. Given SL4 is still under development there are synchronization issues in schedules between the trains. Stay tuned for SL4 news.

    @Brian – sorry for my leftover todo in my last comment block; Richa since posted a link.  Let us know if you have questions.

    @Andrei – Rico actually left the VS team for another group at Microsoft around the time beta 2 shipped.

    @Eric – we’re shooting to post the bits around 12PM Pacific Standard Time.  Stay tuned for formal news.

  26. Mike Gale says:

    Will the release install over the RC, without need for an uninstall?

  27. Richa / Jason:

    Thanks for the links. I misspoke in my original question – I meant to ask about the features that used to be present in Standard but not in Express.

    From the links you’ve given me, I’m still not sure what features are in Express versus those in Professional. Is there a unified comparison chart?


  28. Guy says:

    @Jasonz removing beta 2 and will install the RC. Would have been nice if you guys could include a simple error reporting tool a-la Office 2010’s Sen-a-Smile 🙂

  29. aaronru says:

    @Guy I’ve created instructions for how to upgrade from Beta2 to RC without formatting your machine, see

    @Mike Gale – The upgrade from RC to RTM will also require users to uninstall the RC and then install the RTM product.

  30. anirudha says:

    today is 10th Feb in india how i can download RC version of VS.

  31. rajeev says:

    Great News. I have to try this out….

  32. muntyan says:

    Will blurry text stay in RTM?

    (Yes, text is still blurry, and most importantly the bluriness is different from the rest of windows, so you can’t possibly adjust it in any way, you can only turn it off in whole windows, etc. etc., same as in beta 2).

  33. Keith Patrick says:

    Wow! I was disappointed (very) in the Beta2 performance (5 second lag between me typing and the letters appearing on screen), but the RC is blazing. Ridiculously so.

    If this thing could natively edit VS2008 solutions, I’d be using it day-to-day in the office (2008’s a bit of a nightmare for the solution I’ve got at work)

  34. Bertil says:

    When will RC be available to public? It is already February 10, 11:38am in Belgium 🙂

  35. Leon says:

    Yeah right, I’m waiting tooo. The damn bug with the tablerows is driving me crazy in the latest beta.

  36. Hitesh says:

    MS web site still shows Beta 2!!! Pl update the page to RC.

  37. Hubert says:

    Maybe they found a terrible bug and is the public RC delayed ?

  38. Andy says:

    Where are the Mobile development projects for this RC? How can it be almost complete without them, don’t forget about us mobile developers.

  39. Jason Zander says:

    Good to see the excitement around the release.  Our plan is to open up the RC today in Pacific Standard Time (GMT-8) for general download.  There is no change in its from Monday to Wednesday.  As part of the drop process we need to update all the pages and sites before we give the all clear.  At that time we will also update the site as well (we keep it pegged to the last published version available to everyone).

    Stay tuned…

  40. davv says:

    when is the public release of the RC ? can’t wait !

  41. Bob says:

    "Our plan is to open up the RC today in Pacific Standard Time (GMT-8) for general download."

    It’s very considerate of you to specify so precisely the time zone…but what TIME?  😉

  42. Leon says:

    @Bob, somewhere above Jasonz says 12PM pacific time.

    @Jasonz, will there be a WebDeployment tool available for VS2010 (just like we had in 2005/2008).

    This is really needed when one develops website-projects instead of web-applications.

    (and no I don’t wanna use Web-Apps, because the edit and continue feature is not as great as in website projects)

  43. Ron says:

    In Nukualofa it is already 11th Feb 😉

  44. Bob says:

    @Leon, thanks, I missed that.  I thought the post I quoted was the first one addressing the time.  Sorry, Jason!

    4 hours and 8 minutes to go…

  45. Brian Gladman says:

    Bob, 12PM is midnight not midday isn’t it?

  46. Henrique says:

    @Brian, "In the United States, noon is often called ’12:00 p.m.’ and midnight ’12:00 a.m.’ With this convention, thinking of ’12’ as ‘0’ makes the system logical." (

    3 hours and 30 min to go…

  47. srikalyan says:

    I have tested beta 1, beta 2. Waiting for general access of rc. I hope rc would be much faster. 🙂

  48. Kervin says:

    It’s 12:00 PM and RC is not yet available for public download. Do you know if this date has been changed?

  49. DVD says:

    Its after 12:00pm, do you know where your rc is?

  50. Boyd Rice says:

    Hmm, there is no link there to download

  51. Richa Prasad says:


    Please select which RC SKU you want to download from the links under "Visual Studio" which is under "Downloads".

  52. Richa Prasad says:


    Could you please contact me ( with more information on your experience with the blurry text? Thank you for trying out the RC!

  53. Rabin says:

    An update is required to support the targeted version of Silverlight. Download the Visual Studio at some url. Any hints?

  54. Richa Prasad says:


    Microsoft is committed to making Visual Studio a great development tool for the mobile device developer, and will deliver mobile device tools for Visual Studio 2010, but cannot share details now.

    For more information:

  55. Ian Wright says:

    Any idea where we can leave general bugs/issues without having to fill out an entire feedback form? I’ve not yet used it enough to fill out the form, but got stuck at stage 1 of converting a VS2008 solution with the error:

    "Loading project 915850092 of 1 : Project FooBar"

  56. Richa Prasad says:


    You can use Connect to log bugs:

    Also, please feel free to directly contact me ( for the conversion issue you are facing; my team owns that scenario.

  57. mattgi says:

    @Leon. We fixed an issue that affected extended properties like Table Rows.  If you are still seeing a problem, please let me know.  Or if you can give me some more details, we’d like to check.

  58. Leon says:

    Hi Matt, This bug has indeed been fixed in the RC.

    (the bug was when you have a web-app project and you have an table with rows and cells, you could only call the row in the codebehind, when the table and cell did not have a runat=server. Giving the table or cell an ID with runat, caused the tablerow with ID and runat to disappear in the designer.cs)

  59. Geld Lenen says:

    Thanks for clarifying that. I was having this problem too with the previous version.

  60. bradleyb says:

    @Leon, we are working on an updated release of Web Deployment Projects for VS2010.  I don’t have the details on availability just yet. I’d be interested in learning more about how you use WDP today.  Feel free to contact me directly at

  61. Mark says:

    Please, clarify the status of SL4: will it be a part of VS2010/.NET4.0 release or not?

    Thank you

  62. Anonymous says:

    Is it faster than VS2008? If it’s just "on par" with 2008 i’ll be dissapointed. Many operations freeze the UI and refactoring is very slow (e.g. why search the entire solution for references to a private var?!?). I want that and far better/faster search functionality. Gimme please!!!

  63. John says:

    Having tried both beta 2 and the RC, I am very disappointed that text in the RC is very blurry not matter what setting I try for "TextSharp" or what font I use. I was really hoping for something better TBH.

    It is much faster and more stable though.

  64. Jason Zander says:

    @Mark – SL4 has never been part of VS2010.  SL3 ships in the box; SL4 is still not released. However you can expect that when SL4 ships formally, there will be tools made available for it that work fine in VS2010.  It will be a separate download.

    @Anonymous – We have cases where we are at par with VS2008 and cases where we are faster.  It really depends on the scenario. Thank you for the feedback on the search features

    @John – I would be interested in hearing from you directly on your issues.  We have only a handful of customers hitting blurry text and we are trying to isolate any issues. Please send me mail directly (  thanks!

  65. I am trying to eveluate VS2010 pro RC in windowsXP SP3, i am using older version of office is it mandatory to have office 2003 to install VS2010, Also i tried to install the custom setup removing Microsoft Tools for office & share point and in vain. describe.

  66. Leon says:

    I have just uninstalled VS2010 and reinstalled VS2008.

    The debugging of a ‘web project’ suck bigtime ! With a website solution development I can change anything at anytime in debug mode (which is not possible with a web-project, only if you set a debug point you can change something in that particular place).

    Unfortunatly it’s not possible to create a nice dll in a website solution, only in the web-project (which sucked). In VS2008 they had this tool available to deploy a website but in VS2010 it’s not available yet. I expect that it  will be availble soon. Why didn’t they put it in VS2010 in the first place ! It can’t be that hard to put this in VS2010.

  67. john mcfetridge says:

    ok I fell into the trap and installed release candidate only to my horror find out that there is no support of silverlight 4. Ok my bad but for not reading the fine print and I would like to reinstall beta 2 but where are the installers gone for beta 2! Am I stuck in  never-never land till the official release

  68. John Mcfetridge says:

    I finally rebuilt my dev machine after 12 hours of work(I found another ISO for beta 2 on my machine). But it was a terrible experience as WCF RIA was causing issues  would get the following error:

    The "GenerateResource" task failed unexpectedly.

    System.DllNotFoundException: Unable to load DLL ‘FileTracker.dll’:

    It turns outas there was an extraneous .NET 4 folder with a version number >  v4.0.21006 and after removing that all seems good in the world.

    I wish u would put a big warning at the top of this post to not install RC if u are doing Silverlight4 testing as I am.

    Also it appears to me that you have made it impossible for anyone to start Silverlight 4 testing at this point in time as I can find no source for the Beta 2 ISO.

    I appreciate that product cycles are fluid and things will get better in the near future but would hope that more warnings were posted as this is a deep hole.

  69. Jason Zander says:

    @Kathirvel – I’m unsure of your question.  It sounds like you might be having problems installing the product or you are trying to use VS2010 with Office 2003 (which is not a supported version for this release).  Feel free to send me mail directly using the Contact link with details.

    @Leon – I talked with the Asp.NET team which owns the VS integration and they are aware of your issue and understand why not having this power tool is very painful.  Stay tuned for a solution…

    @John – sorry you are having issues with the release.  I updated the general avialability post to explain lack of SL4 support (  SL4 is not a released product at this time and the schedules for SL4 and VS2010 are not aligned which can give you this kind of gap. The Silverlight team is doing private testing of SL4 / VS2010 RC tooling support right now so you should expect something in the near future.

  70. Leon says:

    It’s unbelievable, but I have installed VS2010 again. The speed compared to VS2008 is amazingly fast. The speed wins it against not having the deploy tool of vs2008. For the time being I’ve written an application that compiles and deploys my web-app.

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