Announced at TechEd Europe, Teamprise Client Suite Acquisition

This afternoon in Berlin I gave the Developer General Session (keynote) around Visual Studio 2010.  As part of that keynote we have formally announced the purchase of the Teamprise Client Suite from Teamprise (a division of SourceGear). You can read details on Brian Harry’s blog here.

I’m very excited about bringing Teamprise into the Visual Studio family of products.  Many of you work in heterogeneous environments and having the Teamprise Client Suite means you can collaborate through Team Foundation Server (TFS) even if parts of your team are working with other systems like Eclipse.  I want to welcome the new Teamprise employees who now join our team at Microsoft!

Also at during the keynote I had a chance to bring three of our partners on stage to demo their new products base on Visual Studio 2010:

  • Micro Focus demonstrated their new COBOL support in the IDE including using the editor extensions for visually showing code flow, architecture diagram extensions (through DGML) for showing a flowchart of code logic, and new visualization support for seeing a preview of mainframe terminal displays.
  • Quest Software demonstrated their Oracle support for the advanced database features (now part of Visual Studio Premium and Ultimate).  With this support you can now import Oracle schema directly into Visual Studio, refactor database schema, and the other pre and post production features.
  • PreEmptive Solutions demonstrated their new support for instrumentation of code which can return runtime statics and information about how code is executed in the wild.  New support includes extensions for the architecture diagram (through DGML), a new margin control with preview of runtime data, and an inline WPF based graph system so one can review data directly in their editor next to the code which is impacted.

All of these solutions demonstrate the advanced features we are now starting to see on the core investments made with VS2010 (including the new editor, WPF investments, DGML, and others).

TechEd has been a lot of fun so far.  For those of you here in Berlin, I look forward to seeing you at the celebrations of the 20th anniversary of the “fall of the wall” this evening.  Enjoy TechEd!

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