Popfly Game Engine Source Code Released

Ben Anderson just released the source code for the Popfly Game Engine on codeplex.  You can read Ben’s full post here and download the source code here.  The project is a C# Silverlight application that demonstrates several concepts of XAML and .NET for RIA.

Comments (5)

  1. Daa says:

    There is nothing to download at the URL provided here.

  2. Jason Zander says:

    The source code is under the ‘Source’ tab.  I will ask Andy if he can post a .zip file as well

  3. Tim says:

    Click "Download" under "Latest Version" in the upper right corner of this page:


  4. I am not much into gaming but with 4 BOYS – you know I am loving these downloads!!!



  5. Coolkal says:

    It doesn’t work! Oh noes it doesn’t work! How does it work and why isn’t there a compiled exe aswell and why not VB and why it say csproj file doesn’t work? AAH!

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