Announcing VS2010 / .NET Framework 4.0 Beta 1!

I’ve mentioned a couple of times that Beta 1 was imminent and now it is ready for download for all MSDN subscribers!  You can download the beta here.  General downloads will be available on Wednesday, stay tuned here for the formal announcement.

We’ve added a lot of great functionality for VS2010 and .NET Framework 4.0.  the rest of this blog, I want to highlight a few areas you should give a try as you kick the tires on the beta.

Shell / Editor

The New Project Dialog supports multi-targeting (including the new 4.0 framework) and a new online access to VS Gallery:


We’ve added the new Tools Extension Manager which allows you to download new templates and other materials from VS Gallery directly from within VS.  For Beta 1 we’ve posted a few demo examples for you to try out. Look for more as we get the ecosystem going:


Code focused work

We’ve added a lot of “code focused” features which basically makes the editing experience much nicer.  For example:

  • Consume first, fault in
  • Writing test cases using the system
  • Quick search (Ctrl + ,): works across VB & C# & C++
  • Call Hierarchy

If you like the TDD approach, you should enjoy the new support.

Office Programmability

To make Office programming easier with C# and VB, we’ve added the new ‘dynamic’ keyword, named parameters, and optional parameters.  In addition, you can build your application with the ‘No PIA’ support which means you no longer need to actually deploy a PIA.

In the following example, the first shows how you write code today and the second shows you the one line of code you would prefer to write and now can with VS2010:


much better:


This simple application now creates a new Word document and adds some text:


Language Improvements

We’ve made several improvements to our languages for this release including working on our parity efforts between C# and VB.  As an example, VB now has automatic properties which removes the verbose syntax for get/set:


In this case VB has a unique feature of initialization as well.  The next big change in this release for VB is to remove the dreaded ‘_’ at the end of continuing statements:


VB also gets statement lambdas (the ability to write inline subroutines):


And finally collection initializers:


C# also has a set of new features including the dynamic keyword shown above for better Office programming.


F# now ships with VS2010 which means you can start using the language as soon as you install (no separate download).

The following code example shows the class sum of squares method written both in F# and in C# for comparison (|> is the pipeline operator which means it sends results from one operation to the next, just like | on the command line):


F# allows you to execute code directly in the interactive console:


WPF Designer

The WPF designer has been updated to include key features like data binding.  If you are Windows Forms programming trying out WPF you will definitely be happy with this new set of features:


Master / detail forms are easy using the foreign key:



Silverlight tooling is also built into the product:


Web Tools

Web tooling has been updated with this version including the addition of HTML snippets.  This feature is incredibly handy if you are like me and spend more time in text than in UI designers:


JavaScript IntelliSense has also been updated for performance and accuracy.  As you start to type new code, the editor will infer what you meant and update as you go:


This work also tracks namespaces you might create and handles inline comments for a better editing experience:



JQuery now ships with VS with great IntelliSense support:





We’ve made a significant number of improvements to the C++ support in VS2010.  Among them:

  • Build support has been moved to MSBUILD to enable better scaling, diagnostics, extensibility, and easier customization
  • New project editors can be used to create your own build lab scripts
  • C runtime multi-targeting (makes it easier to move to new versions of VS)
  • Improved code focused work including quick search, improved IntelliSense, etc

Creating build lab scripts:


Including easy use of relative paths:


Example of multi-targeting (V9 == 2008, V10 == 2010).  You can also create your own extensions for other configurations:


binds to the right set of lib paths.


Quick search is indexed using a local database making it fast and easy to find things:


IntelliSense has also been improved to understand macros and #ifdef’s for more accurate editing.

Team Arch

Visual Studio Team Architecture has been updated to support standard UML (V2.1.1).  With this support you can do architecture diagrams, sequence diagrams, etc:


Adding an artifact using the designer:


activity diagram:


Activity editor:


Integration with TFS including documents:


structural diagrams:


The Architectural Explorer allows you to browse through your namespaces and explore the structure of your application:







Once you find the code you want, you can create a sequence diagram to understand the code flow better:



You can view you entire system at the block level as well (handy for checking layering):


Test and Lab Manager

The new Test and Lab Manager tool (which is written using WPF and does not require the full Visual Studio install) allows you to manage both test cases as well as lab (virtualization) configurations:


Test plans are easy to create, execute, and track:



I will be posting a tutorial walk through of doing manual testing using the tool soon.


TFS includes several new features including branch visualization and easier tracking of changes through the system:


visualize your source hierarchy:


Source annotations now track back through branching operations so you no longer just see the person who made the branch operation.  In addition, you can visualize a changeset and see where it has been applied:


Another changeset view:


Drag and drop can move a changeset from one branch to another:


change moved:


Build automation now targets the new Workflow support in .NET Framework 4.0.  You can use the new designer to outline your builds:


TFS Reporting 

Hierarchical work items are now supported:image

Same in Excel:


As well as MS Project:


Rich text editing was  common request for work item tracking.  Turns out I had a dentist appointment during the Beta 1 demo walk through 🙂image 

TFS is the backing store for all work items and can be accessed via Visual Studio, Test and Lab Manager, as well as Office.  Here you can see the same query run in Visual Studio as well as Test and Lab Manager:


TFS Web Access was added with VS2008.  We’ve made upgrades to these features with VS2010 including integration with MOSS:


You can edit your main portal as a user and add your own webparts:


You can also create/edit webparts using Excel server:



And then publish them back:




Wow, that’s a lot of features!  What’s amazing is that I haven’t actually covered everything in the release.  We also have a number of advanced parallel computing advances, SharePoint tooling, new WorkFlow features, etc. 

You can find instructions for downloading the feedback and sharing your feed back here.  The best way to get prepared for VS2010 is to get VS2008 deployed today.  You can find everything you need on our home page here.


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  1. Jason Zander’s WebLog : Announcing VS2010 / .NET Framework 4.0 Beta 1!

  2. Tzu-Yie says:

    Good works!  Thanks!  One question: will VSTS 2010 support Office 2010 in the future?

  3. E’ da oggi disponibile il download della beta 1 di Visual Studio 2010 e del .NET Framework 4.0 per i

  4. The Beta 1 download of VSTS 2010, along with Beta 1 bits for Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0, are now

  5. Este pe MSDN Subscriber Downloads împreună cu .NET 4.0 beta1. Detalii la Jason . Miercuri va fi public.

  6. Jason Zander says:

    Tzu-Yie:  we support Office 2007 (aka "O12") and will support the future version of Office when it comes out.

  7. Carlos says:

    Looks good. One thing I noticed w/ the Beta is you can no longer hold the middle mouse button down and scroll thru the code.

    I really miss being able to do that. Also adding a report viewer to a ASP.Net project and the project doesn’t build.

    Seems to be missing a reference?

  8. Marcos says:

    Can I install on a machine that has VS 2008 without anything breaking?

  9. Jason Zander, our DevDivision General Manager, posted a really great article on VSTS 2010 / .NET 4.0

  10. Paul Cornell says:

    Jason Zander (General Manager of Microsoft Visual Studio) has posted several screen shots of Microsoft

  11. Linus says:

    Jason, I’ve download the Beta. What do I need to do to get jQuery to work? Do I need to get the js files from in the same way as in VS2008 to get intellisense? You mention above that jQuery ships with VS2010, how?

  12. So we have all been awaiting this… For now, MSDN subscribers can get these downloads here If you dont

  13. NCR says:

    This must obviously be a MISPRINT, right?

    "The best way to get prepared for VS2010 is to get VS2008 deployed today."

  14. Greg says:

    Any information on

    – compiled code run time performance improvements for C++

    – reformating TSQL

    – refactoring TSQL

    – improvements in static analysis of code and code quality metrics (well beyond camel case checking of local variable names)

    – refactoring in C++ with most of the refactorings you can currently do for C#

    – statement level code profiler built into VS

    – improvements to windows work flow designer

    – inclusion of a MS built and supported javascript code library

    – support/help for converting makefile projects into VS projects (mainly from open source projects)

    – support for media file handling (open mp3, get bit rate, duration, number of samples, number of channels, sample rate) (same for AVI, ASF, WMV)

  15. As part of my role in working with partners in the Visual Studio Industry Partner (VSIP) Program I have

  16. We shipped Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1! The Beta 1 bits shipped on MSDN yesterday and will be available

  17. ASPInsiders says:

    Hey, we released Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1. JasonZ has a great post with piles of details and a metric

  18. yaip says:

    It’s all good but CAN IT MAKE COFFEE?


  19. DuyNB says:

    As part of my role in working with partners in the Visual Studio Industry Partner (VSIP) Program I have

  20. Kiran says:

    hi great article awesome man i hope expected more article in future i want vs2010 link plzzzzzz

  21. As you no doubt know we released Beta 1 of Visual Studio 2010 today which you can download here  

  22. As you no doubt know we released Beta 1 of Visual Studio 2010 today which you can download here  

  23. While the bits have been available to MSDN subscribers since Monday, the general public will have access

  24. Το Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 είναι διαθέσιμο από τη Δευτέρα στους MSDN Subscribers . Στα downloads περιλαμβάνονται

  25. On Monday I posted a detailed walk through of Beta 1 here .  Beta 1 has been available to MSDN subscribers

  26. says:

    Thank you for submitting this cool story – Trackback from

  27. yousaid says:

    Installed it on Windows 7 RC and it works good. Not tried most of the functionalities.

    Here is what I noticed. Install failed the first time I tried. When I re-ran it WITHOUT installing (putting a check mark to install) C++ components it ran fine. Toward, the end, it warns that there may be issues with SQL 2008 working on Windows 7 RC, but I ignored the warning and it installed ok.

    I am running Windows 7 RC Ultimate in a Virtual PC environment. My Host OS is Vista  Ultimate with 4 GB of memory.

    Good job for you guys.



  28. Rico Alexander says:

    It’s Wednesday.  Where is the download?

  29. Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 is available to the public. You can download it from the Visual Studio 2010

  30. Great news. Beta 1, which has been available to MSDN subscribers since Monday, is now available to everyone

  31. Hey folks, Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 is now available for the world to download and here’s your cheat

  32. Начиная со среды, 20 мая, все желающие могут ознакомиться с бета-версией новейшей среды разработки Visual

  33. The Visual Studio 10 Beta1 is generally available today from MSDN’s Download Center… get it while it’s

  34. Brandon says:

    Is the Tools > Options dialog going to be updated to allow for resizing? Trying to find keyboard shortcuts for example is near impossible.

    Also, are there plans to allow for changing the colors of tool windows, i.e. solution explorer, etc, for those of us that use a dark theme for code editing?

    Looks great so far!

  35. The F# team are thrilled to announce that Visual Studio 2010 Beta1 is now available , including the latest

  36. Cross posted from The F# team are thrilled to announce that Visual Studio 2010…

  37. As Soma announced on his blog earlier this week, Visual Studio 2010 beta 1 and the .NET Framework 4.0

  38. TomA says:

    What about the Express editions?

  39. It’s official: Visual Studio 2010 Beta1 has shipped! Check out this page for the official product information

  40. pingpong says:

    Visual Studio 2010 beta 1 fails to build Hello World:

    Completely unexpected?

  41. MichaelM says:

    I will change from VB to VS when it supports "control-arrays". When I have to wait 10 years I will wait 10 years

  42. Looks very nice.

    I’d also like to see some intellisense support for IronPython and IronRuby.

    Is that on the way?

  43. asdsa says:

    Is it possible to disable the WPF font rendering?

  44. Excellent!!! I’ll try VS2010 Beta 1 in Windows 7 inside a VM…

  45. Hey, what’s that there? When you hit F1 or go to the Help menu and select Visual Studio Product Documentation,

  46. jarred says:

    any changes to the compact frame work? such as mobile printnig….

  47. Jason Zander says:

    Marcos – you can install Beta 1 on a machine with VS2008 and it is designed to work.  However given this is a beta I would highly recommend using a test machine so you don’t cause issues for your production environment.

    NCR – no misprint. If you get TFS deployed and your source control / work item assets into the system your migration to VS2010 will be very smooth.

    Greg – we have a number of TSQL tools (including refactoring support for sprocs etc) in the Team Developer role.  Instruction level profiling is also available in that role.  There are improvements for the Work flow designer (there is actually a new SxS engine shipping with NETFX 4).  There is a lot of stuff in the new product, kick the tires some and let me know if you have questions.

    yaip – I haven’t asked for the Barista<T> mode yet.  But that’s a great idea 🙂

    Tom – we aren’t releasing the Express editions for Beta 1.  Stay tuned for a future release.

    Michael – as you note there is no support for "control-arrays".  You can get the same kind of behavior using collection classes with dynamic event hook ups. You’ve likely already seen it but there is a longer explanation of the history here:

    Jon – we don’t ship IronPython / IronRuby in the box.  You can download the packages from their home sites.

    asdsa – The editor and shell are built with WPF for this version so there is no way to disable it.

  48. Ahsan murshed says:

    Superb article.A big thanks to you

  49. Are you going to change icons in toolbar to aero/vista style?

  50. Ahora ya pueden descargar el Beta 1 de Visual Studio Team System el cual brinda un sin número de nuevas

  51. Ahora ya pueden descargar el Beta 1 de Visual Studio Team System el cual brinda un sin n&uacute;mero

  52. Ahora ya pueden descargar el Beta 1 de Visual Studio Team System el cual brinda un sin número de nuevas

  53. Ahora ya pueden descargar el Beta 1 de Visual Studio Team System el cual brinda un sin n&uacute;mero

  54. This week on Channel 9, Dan and Brian discuss the top developer news, including: – Visual Studio 2010

  55. gOODiDEA.NET says:

    .NET What’s New in the BCL in .NET 4 Beta 1 How CLR maps SEH exceptions to managed exception types Announcing

  56. gOODiDEA says:


  57. Hello pingpong

    Re: # pingpong said on May 21, 2009 8:51 AM: Visual Studio 2010 beta 1 fails to build Hello World:

    Sorry, our bad. A (very late) change to the project system (preferring Unicode) lead to this – and it is already fixed internally. Simplistic workarounds are to change configuration (from Unicode) or use Unicode functions. Again, sorry it was a mistake (not an intention.)



  58. Jeff Lewis says:

    Ok – the data binding in WPF sounds like an excellent improvement. This was one of my major complaints in terms of how WPF tends to be a big step backwards for people who aren’t developing apps that look like websites.

    Next – how about a "Forms" designer mode for WPF that makes it look as much as possible like a Forms application development environment?

    Right now, developing WPF is still harder than developing Cocoa apps on XCode in MacOS. The main reason I jumped from Mac development to .Net on Windows was because Forms desktop app development – which meets the needs of 99% of most developers – is VASTLY simpler.

    WPF completely destroys that advantage – so far. And much as I’ve been saying to the XCode fans – there’s no need for it to be this complicated. It should default to behaving as much as possible out of the box as Forms does – then let the programmer expose more functionality as needed.

    Or switch to a full ‘WPF’ mode with everything exposed.

    Oh – and one other thing – and this is an OLD feature from Codewarrior for C++ – why not include a way to have include files be recursively included from a top folder level? Then you could add just ONE entry to the include directory list and it would (in most cases) just take care of itself and we wouldn’t end up with hundreds of include paths. Same for lib directories.

  59. Visual Studio 2010 (and .Net Framework 4.0) Beta 1

  60. Ulzii Luvsanbat says:

    Hello Pingpong,

    As Damien’s commented earlier, we have fixed this bug already which will be available in Beta2 shortly.  The workarounds Damien mentioned are:

    1. Change Project -> Properties -> Configuration Properties -> General -> Character Set -> Use Multi-Byte Character Set.  By default, it is set to "Use Unicode Character Set"

    2. Change your application entry point to this signature:

       int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[])



    I’d like to be honest here and say that this is indeed an embarrasing bug.  We did catch this regression, but it was just before Beta1 release and we couldn’t get the fix into Beta1 in time.  We apologize for the inconvience and thank you very much for reporting it.


    Ulzii Luvsanbat

    Visual C++ Team

  61. Tim Wagner says:

    Carlos’ issues with middle mouse button scrolling: There are several known issues with pointing devices and the new editor in beta 1, mostly associated with laptop touchpad effects and middle buttons. Some of these manifest as the editor not scrolling at all; others scroll the editor but too slowly. We’re looking into fixes for the entire class of issues now, and appreciate additional feedback if you have specific (especially unusual) pointing devices that aren’t working as expected in the beta.

    Tim Wagner, VS platform Dev manager

  62. Paramesh Vaidyanathan says:

    On Brandon’s questions from May 20…

    Thank you for the suggestions, Brandon.

    We will not be enabling resizing of the Tools-> Options dialog in VS 2010 since this requires some significant infrastructure rewrite to support this. We will certainly look into doing this in a future release.

    Again, allowing changing colors of tool windows has not been on our plate for this release.  We will visit this also in a future release.

    Please do not let these discourage you from sharing further feedback.  We are always looking at what we could be doing better, for the current and future releases.

    Paramesh Vaidyanathan, Product Unit Manager, Visual Studio Platform

  63. Mike Keller says:

    For the Word app above to work you will need to:

    1) Add a reference to Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word

    2) Add a using statement i.e.

    using word = Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word;

    3) Change the Visible1 property to Visible

  64. Introduction Hopefully folks have seen Soma&#8217;s and Jason Zander &#8217;s blogs announcing the availability

  65. Hi Jason – It’d be great if you could add some more auto-formatting options for Javascript (like we already have for C#).  It’ll put squigglies on new lines etc if desired, but I also like spaces in my parentheses 🙂 (same issue exists in VS2008).


  66. onemaninindia says:

    Hi Jason – when will be the next release of VS2010?

  67. Jason Zander says:

    Mike – thanks for the notes

    Chris – thanks for the suggestion, we don’t have this in the product right now but this has been on the radar

    onemaninindia – we don’t have a published date for the next release.  Beta 1 is very new so look for us to work through feedback and ship another update later.  stay tuned…

  68. Last month (May 2009) Microsoft has released its first beta for Visual Studio Team System 2010 and Team

  69. Last month (May 2009) Microsoft has released its first beta for Visual Studio Team System 2010 and Team

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