New Name for Test and Lab Tools

At the Professional Developers’ Conference (PDC) in October last year, we disclosed information on a generalist testing tool (codenamed “Camano”) within Visual Studio® Team System 2010 that focuses entirely on test case management. Today we have formally named the tool:  Microsoft Test and Lab Manager!  Test and Lab Manager will be available with several of the Visual Studio Team System products including Visual Studio Team Test 2010.

We expect that there will be plenty of cases where generalist testers will want to manage and execute test cases without installing the entire Visual Studio system on each machine.  To help make that easier, we will also release a scaled down edition for generalist testers called Visual Studio Team Test 2010 Essentials.

This gives us a great line up of test related products:

Visual Studio® Team Test 2010 Support for the specialist tester including Web and load testing capabilities in addition to the ability to create automated test suites.  Executes in the Visual Studio environment for test professionals.  Comes with Microsoft Test and Lab Manager.
Visual Studio® Team Test 2010 Essentials Support for the generalist tester including the ability to manage test cases and manual/automated test execution.  Installs as a scaled down product for easy access on test machines.
Visual Studio® Lab Management 2010 Support for creating virtualized environments with snapshot capabilities.  You can now execute your tests using the lab capabilities and save the state later for both development and test usage.

The new products are a great addition to the Visual Studio Team System product family and are a key part of our goal to help cut down on the number of “no-repro” scenarios that are experienced today between developers and testers.

We are finalizing Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 as we speak.  I hope you will install the builds and send us your feedback!

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  1. Any ideas when VS 2010 Beta 1 will hit MSDN?

  2. Jason Zander says:

    Hi Joseph – we are getting *very* close to releasing Beta 1.  Stay tuned, I will announce availability and walk through the key features on this blog…

  3. Tech-ed North America is going on right now in Los Angeles and we from VSTS and lab management team have

  4. Con la versione 2010 la Team Test si dividerà in tre prodotti: Visual Studio® Team Test 2010 E’ il prodotto

  5. L’annonce à été faite hier sur le blog de Jason Zander , il y aura 3 éditions pour Visual Studio Team

  6. Jenny L says:

    Will the test and lab tools be available to other editions of VS 2010 (ie professional?)

  7. If you’ve had an opportunity to play around with the VSTS 2010 CTP 12 image that was made available to

  8. Ray says:

    Given teched is this week everyone expected beta 1 to be released at teched, what happened?!!?

  9. KodefuGuru says:

    Microsoft Test and Lab Manager

  10. Jason Zander says:

    Jenny – The Test and Lab Manager are part of  the Visual Studio Team System role SKU’s and will not ship with VS Pro.

    Ray – it was never a goal to ship Beta 1 atTechEd.  Stay tuned though, we are very close to releasing the bits…

  11. As I sit here @ Tech Ed 2009 in Hyderabad, that’s what I am wondering looking at the sparse audience

  12. Jasonz thank you for the reply – keep up the good work and can’t wait to read about and try out VS 2010 Beta 1

  13. El Bruno says:

    Buenas, anoche Jason Zander, Visual Studio General Manager, anunció el nombre oficial de la suite de

  14. El Bruno says:

    Buenas, anoche Jason Zander, Visual Studio General Manager, anunció el nombre oficial de la suite de

  15. El Bruno says:

    Buenas, anoche Jason Zander, Visual Studio General Manager, anunció el nombre oficial de la suite de

  16. This is an exciting day for me and my team. We have just announced the official names for the 2010 Test

  17. Im Bereich Testing gibt es mit VSTS 2010 eine Menge neue Features, hier sind die Produkte, wie man Sie

  18. Scott Prugh says:

    Will there be a consolidation or license sharing between VS Team System Development and VS Team System Test Edition?  Right now, if you have TS Development you can’t use the Load Tools in test Edition.  It appears for developers that want to Load Test they need an additional license to TS Test.  This seems excessive in cost.

  19. Dan Smith says:

    Will the beta will be released as a virtual machine again, or will there be an installer this time?

    I’m hoping it’s the latter as the timed out VM that we got over half a year ago has been real pain point, or for some less determined people, a complete blocker.

  20. This week on Channel 9 at TechEd 2009, Brian is joined by Jeff Hadfield and Greg Duncan to discuss this

  21. Jason Zander says:

    Scott – we don’t have any changes to licensing for VS2010 at this time.

    Dan – we will have a stand alone installer for Beta 1.

  22. Shai Raiten says:

    Bye “Camano” And Welcome To “Microsoft Test and Lab Manager” Official Names for the 2010 Test Products

  23. TFS will be providing a General Distribution Release (GDR) to enable older versions of Visual Studio

  24. Afgelopen vrijdag was ik bij de DevDays naar een sessie over testen. De DevDays is een Microsoft conferentie

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