A Different Kind of Fan Boy

The marketing team gave me one of these really cool VS2008 fans from the Japanese sub.  It has the key board short cuts for the product on the back.  It was too cool to keep to myself:



I’ve decided to place it next to my Cup<T>:


Comments (13)

  1. Fuzzy says:

    Where can I get that cup? Nice fan, by the way 🙂

  2. MTan says:

    I’m totally going to have to steal your mug.

  3. Oran says:

    Here’s the third person wanting that mug more than the fan.

  4. Halo says:

    Make that a fourth.  Where can I acquire such a mug?

  5. alexk says:

    Cant I get both a mug and a fan :P?

  6. Martoon says:

    Yeah, maybe it should be available as one of those standard mug and fan sets, like all the other places have.

  7. Mike says:

    Another guy who wants the mug here!

  8. Oran says:

    Ok, I went ahead and made one of these for myself with Cup<T> on both sides.  Feel free to modify.


  9. The cup is the clear winner! I laughed out loud.

  10. iNezha user says:

    One new subscriber from iNezha Alerts

  11. EVVJSK says:

    Sorry to post here, but I found an old thread from Jason mentioning SilverLight on Nokia/Symbian, but that thread is closed. Jason, do you have any updated information on when this is going to be released.

  12. Michael Hale says:

    Yes!  I have never been to Norway, but one city sounds pretty cool.. 🙂

  13. Dan Smith says:

    I noticed Anders Hejlsberg has one of those mugs on his desk during a Channel 9 screencast.  I really want one too!

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