Pep Talks

I’ve found at times working as a team can be tough.  The VSTS marketing team just released a new tool to help you out, The Coach. I decided to help my own team get on track:


Thankfully using Team System helped us out 🙂

You can send your own pep talks by following the customization tags.  Enjoy!

Comments (6)

  1. ggreig says:

    Lame accent. I dinna think he kens his Arizona frae his Edinburgh. 😉

  2. The guy’s got serious accent confusion – does he think he’s doing Irish, Scottish, both or none?

  3. Jason Zander says:

    I had asked the marketing guys the same quesiton and they swear he is actually Scottish and that is his real accent 🙂

  4. tysmooth1 says:

    Can you tell me where i could get the fastest help with installing Visual Studio express 2008?  I’ve tried everything but i’d hate to have to wipe out my hard drive.  Maybe i’m doing something wrong.  thanks

  5. Jason Zander says:

    tysmooth1 – sorry to hear you are hitting issues.  the best place to start is with the forums.  Try one of these to get going: or  If you get really stuck, please send me an email (thru this site) and we’ll work on it.  thanks!  Jason

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